IFES & Furyan Air - Breaking New Ground

With Furyan Air just days away from our Grand Launch, Solomon, T - CEO of Infinite Flight Escort Services and myself, Founder and CEO of Furyan Air, are proud to announce something revolutionary to the world of Virtual Airlines.
Everyone is aware of partnerships VA’s have with others, however we at Furyan Air wanted to make sure something advantageous was in it for both Virtual Airlines involved. So, not only have we partnered up with Infinite Flight Escort Service, we have both signed a contract that will ensure a certain amount of escorts requested by our pilots and in turn IFES will provide the service.
This not only creates a connection between the airlines, but keeps both active and involved. We hope that others take our lead and not just partner up just for the sake of it, but instead, create something that is engaging, motivating and fun.

Stay tuned for the launch of Furyan Air’s first roll out stage in the up coming days…


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