IFES Event #7 Blast from the Past - @ TNCM - 281500ZMAR16

Hello IFES members and guests!

Welcome to week 7 of our weekly events! This week’s event is dedicated to our oldest member, Gary (@weecabin) He is proud enough to get a slackbot reaction saying “Old dogs rule!”!

This week you can pick any retired aircraft livery and or aircraft and fly through the Caribbean region!

Server? Advanced

Location? TNCM

Time? Monday, March 28th @ 4:00PM EST

NOTAM: Fly any retired aircraft/livery

We hope to see you there! Stay awesome IFES!

IFES Staff,
David Garden

And your IFES team:


Will attend


Monday. :)

Oh, you moved it

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Still during easter break, looking forward to this


Same here. Hope we get a good turn out

WHAT ABOUT ME @Furtive_masstwofourf!

I guess we forgot your tag… I’ll tell him

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