IFEAA Airventure 2018 Hosted by The Aerosync Group [58 days remaining!] July 16-21


So currently it is mid April, and the summer is fact approaching! For most of us, it brings us freedom to fly and enjoy Infinite flight the most by flying with friends and embracing the scenery of the globe within our fingertips.

Around mid-late July, one tiny city in Wisconsin USA get’s swarmed by all types of aircraft from across the globe for one week. The city is Oshkosh, and the residence of the town are welcoming to the roaring sounds of aircraft engines, from Wittman Regional Airport, as it is the host of the largest gathering of aircraft in the world. Airventure, hosted by the Experimental Aircraft Association, is a unique airshow/fly-in event that attracts over 10,000GA aircraft every year! With weekly day and night airshow performances, from both civilian to military performers, Oshkosh is the place to be if your an Avgeek!

Years have passed since Infinite Flight Live has been released, and it has given us the experience and the ability to make new friends and enjoy aviation together. And that exactly is the principle of EAA Airventure!

Now with the release of Global, we finally are gifted the ability to perform fly-ins from our local airports across the world. But the experience is best, when flying in a General Aviation aircraft. Like many others in real life, my friends and I are grouping together and flying into IFEAA18, and we are all looking forward to rocking our wings over FISKE, and landing on runway 27.

We are looking for general aviation/military/commercial pilots who are willing to study the NOTAM and follow realism procedures. We need support staff for our discord server, and most of all we need attendance!

We are looking for sponsorships with Virtual airlines and Organizations/clubs! If you are interested feel free to PM me!



Monday July 16th, 2018

  • 1300-2300Z
    Casual Server (Vocal ATC on discord)

This procedure is to be used by all VFR aircraft landing at OSH from Friday, July 21, through Sunday, July 30, 2017 (except those using the Turbine/Warbird, Ultralight or NORDO arrivals). The procedure starts at Ripon, WI (15NM SW of Oshkosh) and requires visual navigation. Pilots follow a railroad track from Ripon to Fisk, WI. ATC at Fisk controls traffic flow and assigns OSH landing runways and approach paths (pages 8-12). Plan your fuel load carefully. If you do not have sufficient fuel for unexpected holding and possible landing go-arounds, divert to an alternate. If your fuel status is critical, notify ATC immediately.

Approaching Ripon
Ensure lights are on within 30 miles of OSH. All non-ADS-B equipped aircraft set transponder to Standby at or before Ripon. Obtain Arrival ATIS (125.9) no later than 15 miles from Ripon and note arrival runways in use. Have NOTAM arrival pages mentioned on ATIS available. Then monitor Fisk Approach (120.7). Arrive at Ripon at 90 knots and 1,800’. For aircraft unable to operate comfortablyat 90 knots:

 Slower aircraft should use maximum cruising speed. ATC recommends that you arrive at Fisk between 7:00-7:30 AM CDT daily, if practicable.
 Faster aircraft use 135 knots and 2,300’. GPS-equipped pilots may reference RIPON and FISKE intersections, but must visually navigate directly over the railroad tracks

Ripon to Fisk
If holding is not in progress, enter the VFR Arrival Procedure over the northeast corner of Ripon (OSH 232°, 15.5 DME). Proceed single file, directly over the railroad tracks from Ripon northeast to Fisk (10 miles). Remain at least ½ mile in-trail behind any aircraft you are following. Do not overtake another aircraft unless
authorized by ATC. Do not “S-turn” to follow an aircraft; instead, break off the procedure; return to Ripon; and follow another aircraft of similar speed. If possible, lower your landing gear prior to reaching Fisk. The small town of Pickett is about 4 miles from Fisk (you may see steam from the grain drying facility adjacent to the tracks). At this point, listen very carefully for ATC instructions directed at your aircraft.

At Fisk
Controllers will call your aircraft by color and type (if known). No verbal responses
are required. If you do not understand the ATC instructions, or need clarification,
request instructions on frequency. When you are in the immediate vicinity of
Fisk (less than 2 miles), ATC will issue a runway assignment, transition to the airport
and appropriate Tower frequency to monitor. Do not proceed beyond Fisk or change to Tower frequency without ATC authorization.

Fisk to Oshkosh
Transition instructions to the airport will either be “Follow the railroad tracks northeast”
or “Reaching Fisk, turn right and follow Fisk Avenue”.

Do not proceed beyond Fisk or change to tower frequency without ATC authorization.

Fisk to Oshkosh (continued)
Railroad Track Transition: Continue following the railroad tracks northeast from Fisk to Oshkosh. Fisk Avenue Transition: Fisk Avenue runs 090° from the town of Fisk. Do not confuse this road with Highway 44. A large microwave tower is located approximately one mile east of Fisk and ¼ mile south of Fisk Avenue. Navigate close to Fisk Ave. on south side, but remain north of the microwave tower. Pilots should be prepared for a combination of maneuvers that may include a short approach with descending turns, followed by touchdown at a point specified by ATC which may be almost halfway down the runway. Use extra caution to maintain a safe airspeed throughout the approach to landing.

Note that two separate ATC radio frequencies are used for each landing runway. As a result, landing pilots may see aircraft crossing the landing runway, but not hear ATC communications with those aircraft. Turn base prior to reaching shoreline.
Do not continue past shoreline unless
advised by ATC.
If a go-around is needed, notify ATC
immediately for resequencing instructions.
RWY 27 landing distances
Displaced Threshold…5,647’
Orange Dot…4,600’
Green Dot…3,050’

After landing and when speed permits, aircraft under 6,250 lbs. are required to exit
RWY 27 to the left or right, as directed, onto the sod. Do not turn back onto the runway. Follow aircraft ahead of you to ramp, if you are crossing an active runway do not request clearance, tower will clear you when available.

Flights of Aircraft
Some pilots travel together to AirVenture as a “flight”. Flights approaching Ripon should, traffic volume permitting, advise Fisk ATC (120.7) of position, identifying as a “flight of number and type aircraft. ”Flights that choose to maintain formation less than ½ mile in-trail are responsible for their own separation between members of the flight.
Although flight members generally want to remain together to the airport, this may not always be feasible. Make advance reconnection plans with all flight members in the event you become separated from one another upon arrival.

ATC controllers at Fisk will advise on 120.7 when holding is necessary. Aircraft at or beyond Ripon: Continue to Fisk and enter the Rush Lake holding pattern as depicted.
Aircraft approaching Ripon: Watch for traffic to follow and enter the hold at Green Lake as depicted.
Holding pattern saturation: If the Green Lake holding pattern is observed or reported to be nearing capacity, stay clear and proceed no further. Instead, make left turns over a point on the ground and continue to hold until ATC advises you to proceed or to transition into one of the published holding patterns. Holding Altitudes/Airspeeds: Maintain 90 knots (or maximum cruise speed if below 90 knots) and 1,800’ MSL. If unable, maintain 135 knots and 2,300’ MSL.

  • General aviation aircraft 27/36 -2,500 FISKE approach

  • Commercial aircraft 36 ILS/LOC approach

  • Military aircraft 36 ILS/LOC approach : 27 Visual approach

Please read the NOTAM, i cannot stress this enough. Each VFR arrival must follow the FISKE approach using the published EAA2018 NOTAM, aircraft who are not flying GA aircraft must land on runway 18/36 regardless of preference. All general aviation aircraft will be parking at the north 40 campground surrounding 27/9 in the grass. All warbirds (military aircraft) will be parking on runway 23/5. Commercial Aircraft will be parking at the Terminal and northern ramp parking.



  • 1700-1800Z
    Casual Server
    Promotional formation flying for virtual airline photography, or just a two-ship formation, this event is perfect for you!
  • General aviation formations :: southern lake winnebago -2,500ft

  • Commercial aircraft formations :: northern lake winnebago +5,000ft

  • Military aircraft formations :: southern lake winnebago +5,000ft

All aircraft must remain north/south of Localizer 27/9 approach and proceed with caution for other traffic. Visual Flight Rules apply at all times during IFEAA18*


Casual Server

  • 1700Z-2000Z
    Any aircraft allowed for this event, however be sure that you can land it in the shortest distance possible. We will be testing your skills on the runway as you will be making a treacherously short stop.


  • Distance

  • Handling 1/10

  • Technique 1/10

  • Landing 1/10


Expert Server

  • 1700Z-1900Z
    All applicants must have an IFC account in order to participate, and when you fly in the event, make sure your in game username is your IFC name.

-Any aircraft allowed. No APPR allowed.


  • Smoothness 1/10

  • Centerline 1/10

  • Technique 1/10



Casual Server


  • 1400Z-2400Z

  • IFC performers fill in slots between VA performers

  • VA performers have up to 45 minute performances

  • IFC performers have 10 minute performances

Airshow day rules :

  • Once one performer is flying, no aircraft can depart or enter the airspace.
  • No pattern work is allowed during airshow days
  • Aircraft that are performing, must only taxi direct to and from the runway (18/36)
  • Announcing is allowed in the discord server.

Casual Server

  • 1400Z-2400Z

  • IFC performers fill in slots between VA performers

  • VA performers have up to 45 minute performances

  • IFC performers have 10 minute performances

Airshow day rules :

  • Once one performer is flying, no aircraft can depart or enter the airspace.
  • No pattern work is allowed during airshow days
  • Aircraft that are performing, must only taxi direct to and from the runway (18/36)
  • Announcing is allowed in the discord server.

Casual Server (Vocal ATC on discord)

  • 1700Z-1800Z
    Minimum length of time between separation of departures out of KOSH. General aviation aircraft must read the NOTAM pages (see above) and follow vocal ATC procedures. Commercial jets and military aircraft must use runway 18/36 and follow IFR departure plates out of KOSH, and keep track of VFR aircraft to the west of the airspace.

  • General aviation departures 27/9

  • Commercial aviation departures 18/36

  • Military aviation departures 18/36

All aircraft that are arriving must select the parking of choice prior to arrival. General aviation aircraft who arrive on runway 27/9 will be parking in the north 40 campground (check notam)


  • Team DynamX
  • Osean Air Defense Force; F16C Viper Demonstration & USAF Heritage Flight Team
  • IFAEGAF Demonstration team
  • Great British Air Demonstration team

Partners & Sponsors

  • Aerosync Group (Aerosync / Team DynamX / Osean Air Defense Force)
  • IFAE Global Air Forces
  • Evo General Aviation club
  • Netjets Virtual
  • Sun Air Express
  • Midwest Airlines Virtual
  • Infinite Flight Coast Guard Virtual

Airshow Schedule [Friday & Saturday]

  • 1400 Wills2482 F22 Raptor (Saturday)
  • 1430
  • 1500
  • 1530
  • 1600 Great British Display Team
  • 1630 DC10 Firefighter flybys
  • 1700
  • 1730 IFAEGAF F22 Raptor Demo Team
  • 1800 OSDF F16C Viper Demonstration Team & USAF Heritage Flight Team
  • 1900 DynamX Aerobatics Team (6 F22 Demo team)
  • 2000
  • 2030
  • 2100
  • 2130
  • 2200
  • 2230
  • 2300
  • 2330
  • 2400 Wills2482 F22 Raptor (Sunday)

Feel free to share your plans for IFEAA2018 and share your ideas for what you would like to do this July!

Community Discord server: Discord

Keep calm, and enjoy life pilots!

(This thread will continue to be edited over time)


I plan on having IFAE-GAF’s demo teams perform there.


Is anyone planning on flying into oshkosh this year?

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Hmm, I don’t think that was us, but nvm

#dnmx will be there, very likely.

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I’m going to be going for a couple of days! We should all meet up and eat somewhere? Does anyone know any good restaurants in Oshkosh?

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Good luck with this. This event always gets really hyped up, but with little turnout. I should know, I was in charge of it last year. The struggle was real.


Alright guys, making an announcement that the Aerosync group is developing plans for EAA18. We are looking for partnerships with any type of virtual airline/club/association. Or any ideas flat! Feel free to PM me and we can talk more about it! Further info will be shared once it has been developed!

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Evo GA club will definetly be bringing some pilots and would love to sposnor this event!!! Can’t wait


I seriously can’t stop looking at this thread… I can’t wait!!!

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Awesome nice to see some action :)

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Hi there, The Great British Display Team are looking at having the F22 arrive on Thursday 26th July around 1730Z, and the c130j-30 arrive on Friday 27th July around 1350Z (Before the airshow starts)


Announcement to all participating members!!!

Due to some staff members and ALOT of people attending the actual EAA 2018 Airventure in Oshkosh, Wi. We will be moving the entire week one week earlier in order to allow time to be spent efficiently. We apologize if this does not work with your schedule personally, but it is for the best. The event is still happening it will just happen earlier!

How would a VA sighn up to be there?

Just message me!

20 more letters

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Dates just changed guys!

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Performers and sponsored VAs are always welcomed! If anyone is interested in participating go ahead and join our discord!

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Just slightly over 70 days till the greatest event of this summer! If you are interested in joining our event, all you need to do is join the discord and be ready! Stay tuned for more information :)

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I might fly into oshkosh but 2 things

  1. What date is it

  2. Can i fly in a FedEx MD11F

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July 16-22 is the date of this event.

AirVenture is usually fully based around GA. You may be able to preform though in the MD-11