IFEAA Airventure 2018 Hosted by IFAEGAF July 29 - Aug 4

I regret to inform on behalf of @DeltaMD88Fan that due to multiple trolling instances that the Saturday Airshow has been cancelled.


Unfortunately to all members, the airshow will be closing one day early. It was a pleasure doing this to simulate the real Oshkosh as realistically as possible. I’ve had the best week of my Virtual Pilot career. Due to the immense trolling on behalf of our “spectators”, I refuse to continue what I spent months making just for it to be destroyed by people not caring enough to even visit the thread or our discord. All GAF pilots will be departing OSH today and tomorrow. Show discord will be closed tonight at 0100Z. Thank you for attending EAA Airventure, and to everyone that had flown with us this past week, it was the best. Thank you all ❤️


Can I claim a gate as h145nj I’m in the ifgac I’ll be flying in and joining in on what I can.