IFEAA 2019 Airventure | Airshow Thread | IFGAC & IFCAS | @KOSH 29-31530ZJUL19

GAF’s Civil Air Patrol will be flying in! We can confirm a C-208B is heading that way!

Can Confirm, we will also send a C-172 and our newest addition - The X-Cub!


IFCAS Belgian F-16 ‘Dark Falcon’ Demo will be heading up to Oshkosh soon, be prepared, your not going to want to miss it.

Friday 2nd August

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I’ll be watching for sure. Just for the realism of it, I’ll fly an X-Cub in to KOSH the night before this begins from my local airport, and will fly out and back the morning after, I’ll try to stop in as many days as possible even though my school will have just started

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hi is it ok to take the 4pm -4.20pm slot on the Friday with the Canadian CC-130J-30 display?

Can I also take the 2pm to 2.20pm slot on the Saturday with the same display?

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Yep! I’ll assign you the slots :)

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GAF CAP enjoying an evening flight around OSH! We are extremely proud to be here!


Thanks, looking forward to it.

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Just under a week until the largest airshow on IF takes to the skies!


@DeltaMD88Fan you know what it do fam.

Unfortunately I’m flying M-Th next week on the afternoon shift but Friday and Saturday stick me anywhere!

Bob Hoover tribute😈 Dash 8

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Hi @DeltaMD88Fan

Just a quick one, I’m going to have to cancel my Saturday show due to IRL commitments, however I’m still ok to perform on the Friday.

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I’ll take 1:00pm till 1:20pm if that’s possible. For an A10 demo.

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Live from Oshkosh as we speak. Will edit the thread tonight or tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Can I be a static

of course, do find a spot on the crowd side (west side) and park up. we would love to have you

I think I should put an XCub aerobatic display in there. I have my routine figured out (If you saw me do it at XCubs2OSH, then you’ve figured it out 👍🏻)

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That would be awesome! Working on a small little IFGAC formation thing towards the end of the week


5 hours till the first airshow today.

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Air Show Today!

Check Out The Tuesday Schedule!

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Air Show Starts In 30 Minutes!

Sitting on the ground at Oshkosh! Can’t wait for some of the performances! :)

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