IFDude’s ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Hey guys, I’m currently open at KVNY for the next little bit. Come on down and leave some feedback!


Airport - n/a

Time - n/a

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I’ll come by. N4EM.

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Opening back up at KTTD (Portland Troutdale)

CLOSED: Thanks to those who showed up!

Hi IFDude
Just a couple of points

  • No need for a pattern entry, for aircraft already in the pattern, just sequence as necessary (none required there as was the only plane) then clear for the option.

  • Give clearance much earlier

  • When clearing for the option, no need to specify make right traffic, as already in right pattern from the takeoff clearance.

  • Exit rw command abit quicker, was already turning off the rw.

I’d take a look at the tutorials, and keep up the practice👍

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