IFD: Vote for my Next Event!

Vote for my next Event!

I am currently on holidays now, but I will soon create my next Monthly Event when I will come back.

In June, two events were held in Warsaw Capital City of Poland and Athens, the Capital City of Greece. We will spread eastwards towards the globe joining the full world. Our next location will be the Middle East. We will be connecting various and the busiest airports flown out of the Mid-East Regions.

Previous Events:

Monthly event schedule will follow: Europe -> Middle East -> India and South East Asia -> China and Japan -> Hawaii and the United States -> United States, Canada and Alaska -> Europe.

  • You will now vote for one of the four airports in the Middle-East regions for the next Month. In Mid-August, just weeks away from school opening. The four airports picked are rated the busiest airports in the Arabian continent.

This will be Riyadh, located in Saudi Arabia. Doha, located in Qatar. Abu Dhabi, located in the United Arab Emirates. And Kuwait City located in Kuwait.

Please vote below. Poll will close within 5 days.

  • Kuwait City Int’l Airport (OKBK)
  • Riyadh King Khalid Int’l Airport (OERK)
  • Doha Hamad Int’l Airport (OTHH)
  • Abu Dhabi Int’l Airport (OMAA)

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