IFCommunity Complied Music [Pt. 3]

Welcome to the IFCommunity Complied Music Thread! Whether you’re flying around in Infinite Flight, flying in real life, or are just on the prowl for some good music in your region and/or a region that interest you, this might just be the place for you! Others have come with their favourite songs to share with everyone else, so don’t be afraid to do it yourself.


  1. Family friendly / Suitable for ALL ages
  1. Can not include any vulgar language (no cussing, swearing, or language that would be otherwise considered rude or offensive)
  1. Music videos for the songs are permitted as long as they are appropriate (lyric videos or static photo videos are preferred). must I define appropriate?
  1. Try to find a video that has quality audio.
  1. If the country for which you are posting a song has not been started or listed, then type out the name of the country. Ensure proper spelling and capitalization is used where needed. (Check for duplicates first)
  1. If you are sharing a song, please follow the format and hyperlink 24%20PM (using this symbol found in your editor) the video below the appropriate country that the song/music is being associated with.

(The post has been made a wiki, so you are able to edit in your submission. Look at the format of other submissions prior to you posting yours.)

6. Before submitting your song, please look carefully at IFCommunity Compiled Music [Pt. 2] to ensure you’re not posting something that has already been submitted.

  1. Last rule. Have fun with it! Let’s make this a diverse and culture filled area for others to enjoy.

Songs listed from A-Z by Continent:

Song Country Artist
Song Country Artist
Kill This Love South Korea BLACKPINK
La Vie En Rose South Korea IZ*ONE
Violeta South Korea IZ*ONE
Yes or Yes South Korea TWICE
Song Country Artist
New Bibi Hendl Austria Takeo Ischi
Rock me Amadeus Austria Falco
Motorboat Austria KGB - Kurt Gober Band
South America
Songs Country Artist
North America
Song Country Artist
The Hockey Song Canada Stompin Tom
Song Country Artist
Gold Australia John Malcolm

*Please note not all songs were transferred from Pt. 2 - Pt. 3.

Let’s fill up this list!

DeerCrusher has given me permission to make Pt. 3, although it may not be closed at the time of this post going public.

No song on this list is owned by anyone who adds them, they are just simple songs from YouTube unless stated otherwise.


Sorry, but almost no songs any more are 100% clean. Might want to remove or loosen up on that rule.

I’m not saying all songs, but most of the stuff I see people listening to contains swearing. Not saying that’s what I listen to cause it isn’t.

Maybe a damn in some songs but that’s about it. Rap is just a no go on this list.

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I’ll start editing later to help out as usual.

Do you want the Part 2 songs transferred over here since the last one was not filled yet?

Also can we use the old format of countries and not have continents. Since music is different between cultures of differently countries and putting continents there just makes it a bit too broad.

Also the old list was a much easier to edit and keep track of so if you don’t mind, could we go back to the old format. Since I worked so many hours on adding songs there, it would feel like a waste to redo it but mow in a different way which may take more time and from scratch.

I mean you can get the clean edits of songs.

Just added one of my favourite songs currently. Looking forward to seeing what kinda music everyone will add!

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The rule was set there last year by Deer and in fact there are many songs that actually have clear lyrics with no swear words at all. So you can easily bypass the bad language in many songs where most of which aren’t English :)

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I know quite a few songs that have no swearing. I could list off almost 10 of them. As JR said, DeerCrusher set the rule, and we’ve managed to have 100’s of songs without swearing, but if they do, they aren’t as bad.

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Rick Astley

Heres some of my favorites :)



England Dan

Elevation worship



@Evan Heres a good one:

Here’s some I listen to while flying/controlling.
I don’t have any specific taste, mostly just listen to whatever sounds good.

Hide with Me


I’ll add a few more later.

Something we all need when visiting Dublin for once. 🇮🇪 ☘️

When Approaching through the heart of Dublin and Ireland, I recommend listening to this. Every Irish person knows this song very well! 😉

Lindstrøm, Ra-Ako-St
Todd Terje, Preben Goes to Acapulco
Todd Terje, Delorean Dynamite

Natacha Atlas, Mon Amie La Rose

Omar Souleyman, Warni Warni

Googoosh, Do Panjereh

Toni Tomas, Cheri Amou
Les Difficiles de Petion Ville, C’est La Vie

Ziklen Vezi, Te Kerkoj Ne Telefon

Dominican Republic
Fulanito, Guallando
Amarfis (ySBDA), El Pollo

Gotan Project, Época (remix)
Federico Aubele, Postales

Polo Montañez, Un Monton de Estrellas
Palo!, Oro

O-Zone, Dragostea Din Tei
Stana Izbasa, Cea Mai Tare(?)

Panjabi MC, Billie Jean
Panjabi MC, Mundian To Bach Ke

Mory Kante, Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Remix)

This song is amazing the music video is quite sad if you understand it the song is a good inspirational song. (American)
Stargazing by: Kygo ft Justin Jesso

I have this :) one of @DeerCrusher fav music he said last time on of my video I shared here also making new video with this music :) Thomas Bergersen - Empire of Angels (Sun) - YouTube
This will turn you to a god
Btw I have the right to Ping deercrusher cuz this his jam right here

Heres a amazing, long song by Metallica (America)

One by Metallica

Here’s a good one to listen to if you get ghosted:

Queen - The Invisible Man

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