IFCommunity Complied Music [Pt. 2]

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What is this?

Have you ever wanted to get that fun and full experience of listing to music related to the country/culture you’re flying to/from? If so, you’re in the right spot. Here you will find music provided by members of this community that they have found and that they believe would give you that surreal send-off or arrival feeling.

Note: The song may or may not be native to that country. The songs added below may not originate from that country and may be added due to the name of the song or lyrics as they may relate to that country or continent. If the music or song is not available, you might want to consider adding it to the list below.


  1. Family friendly / Suitable for ALL ages
  1. Can not include any vulgar language (no cussing, swearing, or language that would be otherwise considered rude or offensive)
  1. Music videos for the songs are permitted as long as they are appropriate (lyric videos or static photo videos are preferred). must I define appropriate?
  1. Try to find a video that has quality audio.
  1. If the country for which you are posting a song has not been started or listed, then type out the name of the country. Ensure proper spelling and capitalization is used where needed. (Check for duplicates first)
  1. If you are sharing a song, please follow the format and hyperlink 24%20PM (using this symbol found in your editor) the video below the appropriate country that the song/music is being associated with.

(The post has been made a wiki, so you are able to edit in your submission. Look at the format of other submissions prior to you posting yours.)

**6. Before submitting your song, please look carefully at IFCommunity Compiled Music [Pt. 1] to ensure you’re not posting something that has already been submitted.

  1. Last rule. Have fun with it! Let’s make this a diverse and culture filled area for others to enjoy.

Song List sorted by A-Z








Dominican Republic












New Zealand

North Korea




Puerto Rico


South Africa


South Korea






United Kingdom

United States of America









Los Angeles


New York

New Orleans






No new major changes. Rules noted in [Part 1] remain the same with the addition of Rule #6.


  • In the US, “states” can be added as a subcategory for songs. Cities not permitted.
  • Outside of the US, countries may include cities or other large regions that people can associate a song with.


Hi everyone, i’m just gonna do this unnecessary formal thing, speech cuz you need a introduction to this place (although you already know what’s up) and i need to thank y’all for something.

So basically we are so international and diverse here on IFC that we hit the max limit for the amount of characters you can type in a post on the IFC Compiled Music Part 1. Pretty much the OP got full to it’s maximum limit of 32000 characters, which means there’s a bunch of songs from around the world on that list and by that i mean mainly South Korea, but anyways, thank you for sharing your culture with us :)

Anyways, a Part 2 is needed and is now here made by the one and only, the man who crushed a thousand deers to become a moderator, don’t quote me on that, get the joke… And thanks to his fast fingers he got Part 2 out today, on time, Aug 10th, mark this day, that’s the power of mod hands!

IFC Compiled Music Part 2 - Available on IFC Now! (Yes, this is a movie trailer in written form and No it’s not sequal, it’s the same thing all over again, just a alternate timeline… hence all the K-Pop that’s gonna roll in soon)

Anyways it’s time for me to work, 9h a day again, so hit me with them songs ;)

Oh yeah most importantly, do as the rules says above, and we regulars will be happy to add them in to the list like last time, that is if you were there then you know otherwise Welcome to a musical, magical Disneyland filled place, with no disney songs, can we add those?

Anyways enjoy the songs that’ll be added to the list :)
And also if you haven’t already then check out Part 1 as well, its nickname is IFC K-Pop List and 'MURICA YEAH!

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There’s a North Korean option? I wonder what’s going in there? 🤨


There’s two North Korean influenced songs on Part 1.

Mostly jokes but it’s about NK in some way.

All i can say is, NK list will be interesting this time as well ;)

Something seems fishy here 🤔 🐟
“All my exes live in Texas” here we come!

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Yup, i’m the one who approved it 😂
Jk, i’m the who was bossing around, maybe… :P

Anyways hit us with what songs you’ve got Sammy, looking forward to them :)

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Woah, I thought cities weren’t allowed?
Should I alphabetize the state along the cities?

Yeah you can do that thanks :)

I pretty much took what cities got over from last time and added them, i’m not that knowledgeable on US States.

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I fixed it. Those are all Ohio songs.

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Heads Up, Read This Please, Thank You :)

I would appreciate if everyone is able to hyperlink their songs to make our work easier, and as i’m probably the most active one here, i’ll make my day if you guys hyperlinked all of your songs and put them in the correct order.

Song by Artist - (Then Hyperlink the song into that text)

This way we will meet maximum efficiency and it’ll make our work as Editors much easier.

The reason i’m saying this is although once mentioned in the OP, many yet forgot or didn’t do for one or the other reason last time, so this time let’s make it as accurate as possible when sending your submissions, thank you very much for reading and cooperating :)

Dominican Republic

I’ll post more songs once I have time. I just had to put this one since it’s basically my whole entire Hispanic culture.

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Adding it, thanks for your submission :)

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Here’s a good one, didn’t see it in Pt. 1 :
New Bibi Hendl
It is in German but it’s in the Austrian dialect, as you can tell from the comments. It’s pretty funny and clean :)

Which country do you want me to put it in? Germany or Austria?

Edit: Added to Austria as you wished, @MrMrMan :)

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Austria works :) thanks a ton!

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Added one, the video linked is the closest thing I found to a music video.

@Sammy_Droubi, i’m tagging you since you are active. From what i’ve learned if two two people edit simultaneously, your edits may not be saved…

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I see, my “*” added didn’t save
Fixed it 🙂

Mine didn’t get saved, i had to redo it, although i don’t mind, it has happened many times before, usually what you can do if you see someone else edit is to just click save and go out, that works from my experience.