IFCJVG | Serving the Infinite Flight Skies Like Never Before!

Welcome to Infinite Flight Corporate Jets Virtual Group. The newest virtual organization in Infinite Flight. Please have a look below to find out what we are about!

IFCJVG operates out of all 6 continents, with 12 Hubs. Each Hub offers its own aircraft and missions. Depending on how each Hub is managed, Hubs may change monthly. Secondary Hubs will also be added soon with unique pilot experiences and missions.

North American South America Europe Africa Oceania Asia

We Operate a standard rank system starting with Cadet and ending with Captain.

Rank Hours Hubs Aircraft Unlocked
Cadet 0 - 10 PANC, KVNY TBM-930, C172, SR22
Second Officer 11 - 30 KTEB, LFRB CL35, CRJ200, CRJ700
First Officer 31 - 80 MROC, SKBO Q400, E175, A318ACJ, B737-900 BBJ, B737-700 BBJ, B757-200
Senior First Officer 81 - 160 WSSS, RKSI MD-11
Captain 161 - 360 SBGR, GMMN A350-900, B777-200ER
Senior Captain 361 - 660 FACT, YSSY A339NEO, B747-800BBJ

The Staff team comprises people with experience operating in the virtual airline/organization world. We are currently accepting applications for staff positions. If you are interested in joining IFCJVG, please send us a DM with your experience and why you want to be staff.

Staff Name Position Duties
@A320_Flyerboy19 CEO The CEO leads the company’s strategic vision and overall direction.
Vacant COO The COO oversees day-to-day operations and ensures efficiency.
Vacant CFM The CFM oversees the training of pilots
Vacant PIREP Manager The PIREP Manager handles reports and pilot activity.
Vacant Marketing Marketing professionals promote routes and run our social media.
Vacant Events Manager The Events Manager plans and executes engaging events and activities.

Apply Now

You must be a TL2 (Member) on the community and a Grade 3 Pilot to join IFCJVG.You cannot also have a violation/landing ratio of more than .25.





If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them below.


Lovely thread! Great work and excited to see this VA grow!


Congrats on the IFVARB approval, looking forward to seeing @IFCJVG in the skies!


Congrats on the approval!


wow i’ve been waiting for a corporate jet based VA since forever, applying now!


I Think i’ll join!


Congratulations on the approval!

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Will you be operating the VistaJet livery on the CL35, because I’m in the process of getting approved for VistaJet Virtual.

No, We will be operating HB-CRW, NetJets/NetJets Europe, Infinite Flight, & FlexJet.

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have I been accepted?

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Please do not ask in the thread whether you have been accepted. We review applications every so often. Please be paitent.

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Very cool VA! Are there any activity requirements? If so what are they?

We are still trying to work those out. It will most likely be you have to file a flight once a month or have a checkride every two months to maintain activity within the VO.

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How is the VG coming along? been quite for a while :)

Nothing new. I’m trying to figure out how the CC is going to work. The final goal is to have a custom CC made by myself that is tailored to the specific needs of IFCJVG.

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Attention IFC

IFCJVG is now accepting Trust Level 1 (Basic Users) to apply to IFCJVG.

If you’re interested in applying, please apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1f64TJZzs8Wll3F8BKwZdQQdKikhVecUkA5NI6WXZpug/edit

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