IFCI - Submit Questions for Thunderbolt!

IFCI Question Thead with me (@Thunderbolt)!

Hello and welcome to my IFCI Question Thread!

This thread is so you can ask anything, be it about aviation, life, IFC or anything about me!

Some of my roles within the community and Infinite Flight:

  • Community Regular
  • IFATC Specialist
  • CEO of Global Airtours VA

Please keep off topic conversation to a Minimum, most off-topic conversation will be flagged. Any duplicate, or inappropriate questions will be flagged.

If you have any questions, ask them below. The thread will be open for questions until there are an adequate amount of questions.

-The IFCI Team

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Who are your closest friends on the forum?


What inspired you to make a VA?

How long have you been with IFATC, and do you have any memories that stick out?

How do you deal with all the fur that your dogs shed?


What is your favorite airport to control at and why?

Do you have other passions other than Infinite Flight?

Why did you choose “Thunderbolt” as your IFC name if your real name is Matt? Also what’s your favorite plane and airline both in IF and real life?


Is there a musical instrument that you can play

What are your dogs’s names?

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Will the Angels ever win a World Series title with Mike Trout or will they sweep the Rockies this weekend? ;)

Baseball aside, how has @Drummer been a good ATC trainer?

Why do you like fish? 🤢

What is your favorite part of radar? What motivated you to start Radar training?

On a scale of 9-10 how epic do you think I am 🤪

Will you ever come to Austin to meet up with me like you said you would


I’ll answer this one straightaway (so that people can ask more about my dogs - just kidding)

Older one is Monty (15), younger one is Milo (2).


Who’s who?

How did you get your dogs?

Who’s your most favourite person in the world? Cookie for grabs


  • How did you discover Infinite Flight, and what gave you the initiative to stay on the community and devote yourself?

  • Would you see yourself keeping in touch with us lot in the years to come? As you become an adult would you still want Infinite Flight to be a part of your life? Will I have to continue my journey here without your much needed Thunderboltisms?

  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why? Family? Area? Away from anything?

  • When you’ve experienced some difficult times in the real world and turned to Infinite Flight and the community, who would you say helps you, and is there to support you? I can think of many members. 🙃

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They are so cute! I love them!

Milo to the right, Monty to the left

What do you hate most about your VA?

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What is your favorite airport in IF and why?