IFCI - Submit Questions for mwe2187!

What would be a brief summary of your journey to your IFVARB position? I remember you were quite an active member in DLVA way back in the day before I took a 2 year long hiatus, but what happened from there?

If you can go back in time and could be any job you wanted which one would you pick?

Did you watch my landing at DFW on Sunday?

Lol jk, my question is: Since you are older, how do you manage to fly and be a husband at the same time? Does your wife get annoyed?

What do the numbers “2187” mean to you? Also, what’s your favorite responsibility within the community?

Because i’m not like Seb and like to drop in good places - though the last 2 weeks of hospital i’ve found the doctors have not been too friendly for @MDoor, you and i.


I have no clue what any of that means 😂

All you need to know is…

Back to the topic! great list of questions thus far! looking forward to answering some of these


How did you become a IFVARB admin?

Do you like cheese balls?

have you ever tried to go planespotting?

If Texas disappeared where would u live?

What’s something nice about Houston 😏?

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