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IFCI Question Thead with @anon99845028

Hello and welcome to the IFCI Question Thread for @anon99845028!

This thread is so you can ask anything, be it about aviation, life, IFC or anything about @anon99845028! As my own IFATC Trainer whom I dearly adore for putting up with me, I look forward to conducting this interview and seeing what questions you guys come up with.

Please keep off topic conversation to a Minimum, most off-topic conversation will be flagged. Any duplicate, or inappropriate questions will be flagged.

If you have any questions, ask them below.

-The IFCI Team

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Hi Leon!

Q1: best part of being an officer for you?
Q2: favourite airport you have controlled?

Cheers :)

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Hi Leon! As an IFATC trainer, what is the most challenging thing to go through with each trainee throughout their training?


Hey Leon!

As the General Manager of IFCE, do you have any expects of your VO?


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What is one piece of advice you would share with someone who is looking at or struggling with the decision to join IFATC?


Hi @anon99845028:

  • Who is your favourite moderator?
  • Why did you come to IFATC/Aviation


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Hey Leon! What is the most challenging part of being a trainer? How would you change the training strategy if you could?

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What’s been the most interesting IFATC training session and why?

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Oh hello Leon!

  • Do you prefer controlling TGS, or Radar?

  • How is Chinese like for you? Do you find it easy? (Not for me lol)

  • how is being better than me in chinese like? just kidding l, don’t add this in 😂

Have a great day!

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Hello! Why did you choose your name to be Leonard Brownies? Is it just because so you can fit your callsign of B-LEON?

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Howdy, Leonard. First off, was I a good trainee?

Second off (and more serious of a question): Do you prefer training people for tower or radar, and why?


Hey Leon!

  • What is your best tips for someone who is training to become a IFATC officer?

  • Why did you join IFATC in the first place?


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Yoooo leo,

  1. How much did it hurt when I failed my practical 😂
  2. What do you think makes a perfect trainee for radar practical.

Hey Leon, it’s been a pleasure to work alongside you.

How many languages can you speak? Have you ever had to use a language other than English when communicating with a trainee or when interacting with a user on the IFC?


Hello Leon! Saut!

  1. what motivated you to accept the trainer role?
  2. what airport is the most interesting one to control with approach for you?
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how hard is it to train someone?

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Hallo Leon, CA va!

Have you learned something in this time during being a trainer ? Have you ever had trainee’s that you thought was a lost cause ?

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What’s your favourite thing about living in Shanghai or China in general?

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Bounjour Leon! Comment ça va? J’espère bien!

Here’s my question:

What was the most stressful and busiest session you ever had?

Merci beaucoup and have a great day!


How do you feel being a IFATC Trainer?

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