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IFCI Question Thead with @SunDown

Hello and welcome to the IFCI Question Thread for @SunDown!

This thread is so you can ask anything, be it about aviation, life, IFC or anything about Leah!

If you have any questions, ask them below.

-The IFCI Team

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Hi Leah!
Q1: Your callsign, Sundown is really awesome, is there any real reason behind that?
Q2: I understand you are a part of IFAE,would you consider them some of your greatest friends on IFC?
Happy Flying :D


Yay it’s Leah!!

Question One:
What got you into IF and what made you stay here?

Question Two:
What made you love aviation?


Hey! How did you discover the IFC and how did you start out initially upon joining?

Edit: almost the same @Chris_Hoss hahaha


how does it feel like to be a beta tester?


Do you have a role model as an aviator? If so, who?


I think I ask this from everyone:

hOw Do I bEcOmE a BeTa TeStEr (just joking don’t answer that). 😂

My real question is, you’re part of a few Virtual groups, and regularly fly across the globe, I almost see you daily. In the ‘testing’ world, would you say you enjoy finding and testing bugs, and would you say that you feel you’ve made a difference over time to the game, such as reporting things unseen, to give us the best experience in game. Do you feel that you’ve made that little ‘part’ of the game a little better, when you see something fixed in an update from your reports?


How is it living in Switzerland? Do you enjoy being so close to the Alps? Have you ever flown to St Moritz (LSZS) or Lugano (LSZA) in real life?


unnamed (4)
can’t wait to answer those question :) Happy to be considered for an Interview


What do you like the most about Infinite Flight?


Hello Leah,

I wanna know how you got that passion with aviation and when you started playing IF.

how is your frequent flyer life?



hi leah
what livery do u like?

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If you could have one plane/feature added to IF what would it be?

I know this is a commonly asked question in these interviews but it is a good question.

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Hello Leah
Q1: What’s your favorite plane/livery to fly with ?

Q2: Have you been with IF since the beginning ?

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Hey Leah!
I am curious in how often you encounter bugs/glitches when beta testing? Also are you already/going to be a pilot in real life?

Thanks and have a nice day :))


Hi Leah! Salü!

I hope that you’re keeping well during these times. On to the questions!

  • Do you have any aspirations in aviation and if so, what are they?

  • Will you be going or do you have plans to go to any expos in 2021 (Cosford, FSE etc.)

Thank you and take care!

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Another question Mrs. Leah
What got u into aviation?

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How did you find IFC and Infinite Flight?

1). What is your favorite airline and aircraft in Infinite Flight and why?

2). Do you prefer to fly on a phone or tablet?

3). What is your favorite part of Infinite Flight?

HoWFaRaLonGisTheRElEAsEOf20.1 (kidding, of course :)

4). What aircraft class do you think we need more of in Infinite Flight (airliners, GA, military, etc.)?

5). What’s your favorite location in Infinite Flight as far as scenery goes?

Hi Leah! I have some questions!

  • How did you discover Infinite Flight?
  • Do you like short flights or long hauls?
  • What’s your favorite airport to fly to in Infinite Flight?
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