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IFCI Question Thread with @JacksonAviation

Hello and welcome to the IFCI Question Thread for @JacksonAviation!

This thread is so you can ask anything, be it about aviation, life, IFC or anything about Jackson!

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How and when did you get into spotting?

What is your all time favorite spotting photo and show us 😏

Also favorite food?

What plane do you fly in real life?

How far are you in your training?

What are your 3 favorite airplanes that fly into Atlanta?

What is your least favorite model aircraft?

Super honored to have gotten an interview thank you guys!


How did you get into Infinite Flight?😃

Hmmm, will you ever be coming back to the AFC?


@Sashaz55 You’ll have to check back with me on that one some other time


Yay, it’s @JacksonAviation! Thanks for doing this!

I have, many questions:

  • Do you miss the MD-80’s flying into Atlanta?
  • How many photos from Airventure Oshkosh did you get? 😜
  • What’s your first spotting photo?
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Nice questions!

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Uh this topic kind of died so bump I guess

What is your favourite airport you have been to?

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How do you get all of your awesome spots? I feel like you get loads of special liveries. Is it just Flightradar24, or something else?

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