IFCI - Submit questions for Interview with @Trio

Alright community, my man @Trio is up for the final interview in pool 1 of ifci interviews, and he needs some questions! This thread will stay open until Sunday so you should have plenty of time to submit questions.

Well come on, show me what you’ve got!

  • IFCI interviewer Obsidian

Trio - what factors of controlling make you love ATC so much?


How have you changed as a person by being on the IFC My only question I ever ask here


How did you get interested in aviation?

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Do you feel special to find IF? Why?

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Why am I your favorite ATCEG Supervisor?

Why did you make me Supervisor (or did I just make myself Supervisor)?

Why did we create this ATCEG thing?

Why am I not just asking you these through the slack?

But in all seriousness, what is your favorite non-GA aircraft (Trio only flies GA, like the C172, C208, C750, SR22, etc.)?


What are your next IF-related goals/dreams/aspirations?

What are your next personal, non-IF related goals/dreams/aspirations?


@Trio - What is your favorite soccer (or football. whatever you call it) position to play?

You know where I got this question from ;)


It is Football because I use my foot.


Why do you call yourself Trio. Are there 2 other people using this account with you

Do you prefer controlling at large events or just opening smaller, lesser known airfields at random and seeing who turns up?

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Do you record your sessions such as approach to review your work and improve on it?

What social factors other than the forum do you deal with at home?

What’s the dream. Anything you are aiming to accomplish when you grow up? (aviation wise)

You answer as much questions as I put. You don’t need to answer all.

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Probably not going to be asked so I’m going to answer it. I did in the beginning awhile back but I’ve found that it can effect the performance of my iPhone so I rarely if ever record a session. If anyone has any solutions for that you can PM me. 🙂

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Sorry, you “*may answer as much questions as I put” for the bottom part if the questions. I forgot to put that …

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How did you find Infinite Flight Community? Why did you decide to join? How is your favorite moderator?

What do you think of XPlane-11 and Infinite Flight differences

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What are you a trio of?

Well I can do the work of three people so there is that.


I don’t know, @MishaCamp how are you doing today? Happy forum anniversary, saw a cake next to your name and chose you out of the group of mods. You’re all very nice and helpful, don’t really have a favorite.