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IFCI Question Thread with @infiniteflight_17

Hello and welcome to the IFCI Question Thread for @infiniteflight_17!

This thread is so you can ask anything, be it about aviation, life, IFC or anything about Asher!

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How has being a student pilot gone for you?

Also, LAX meetup this winter if the world allows for it?

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Hi mate!

If you could buy any plane what would it be (to be your private jet, not the A225 lol)

How is cowona down there?

What are you doing in isolation?

If you could control one of those purple airports (IF) which one and why?

From the country where COVID isn’t to bad and are back to school, we’re all in this together

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What plane are you flying in your profile picture?

I’ve got one question…

What’s it like to be a radar trainee?

When you coming to Australia?

What aircraft do you fly IRL?

That’s it. See you at 0700z tomorrow. :)



Hi @infiniteflight_17 congrats on getting chosen!! Here are my questions

  1. how has flight school/flying in general been?
  2. have you ever been to Denver Colorado?
  3. what’s your favorite plane and airline
    And lastly
  4. what’s the best place you have traveled to?


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Hey Asher! One question:

What’s the significance of the number 17 to you?

What’s your craziest controlling story?

If you could take a flight lesson anywhere in the world for free, where, what aircraft, when, and with who?

If you could snap your fingers and add anything you want to Infinite Flight immediately, what would it be and why?

What is one piece of advice that you would pass down to your past self, regarding anything at all?

Number one hobby besides Infinite Flight?

If you could switch places for a day with any mod or staff member, who would it be and why?

Alright, that’s my one question, see you around!


What is the aircraft that you’re flying in your profile pic?


Hey Asher! 2 Questions

I followed you IFATC story a lot on Instagram, any advice to people beginning their IFATC journey.

Secondly on your Tracking Thread you controlled a lot at PHOG, firstly any reason behind that and how did you deal with the intersecting runways.

Thanks, an aspiring IFATC.

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My only question is “Do you have any certain airline or company you’d like to fly with in your future?”

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hey Asher, I’m sorry if it’s been asked but

what motivated you to start your instagram?

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A couple of questions:

  1. What drew you towards Infinite Flight?

  2. What inspired you to become an IFATC member?

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Chick Fil A or In and Out Burger?

What’s some advice for users that would like to be CEO of a VA?

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Interesting! I’ll post a question in a few minutes.

What made you interested in aviation?
Have you liked aviation your whole life, or did you only recently become interested?
Favorite flight in IF
Favorite flight IRL
Favorite aircraft
What’s it like to pilot an aircraft? (Judging by your profile pic)

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Hey Asher lol

  1. What’s it like having a birthday one day after mine 🤪
    On a more serious note:
    How in the hell did you manage to land a chance at flying the Goodyear Blimp? If you ever go again, will you bring me 👀😂
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Hey Asher! Hope you’re doing good! What Career Path would you have chosen had it not been for Aviation? Is there something else lingering in the background that you may pursue or look into for the future?

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