IFCI - Submit Questions for IFC Regular and IFCI CEO CR3W

Hello, IFC!


We’re here today for another Interview at IFCI, this time with @CR3W himself. @CR3W is the CEO of IFCI, a regular on the IFC, staff at ACVA, and an IFATC controller. He is an awesome guy that has made a lot of accomplishments in IF, in VAs and in many IFC and IFCI things! He has done a lot of things that we makes for some great questions you guys can ask him. He is a very wise guy that has been through a lot in IF so ask away.

The interview process goes like this:
  1. We open a question thread and after a certain time we close it, if we have the sufficient amount of questions
  2. We then ask a handful of said questions to the Interview who responds
  3. We then have another thread with the questions and answers, and then we have a break and the process repeats itself!

We ask that you do not ask questions that may offend someone. Any inappropriate questions will be flagged as off topic and removed. We also ask that you read before you post and not do duplicates.

Let the Questions Begin

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Why you joined IF and the community?

What got you into aviation?

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Why did you change your name to butter my landings?


Why is DeerCrusher bae?


Is your crew so lit that you guys used a 3 instead of an e?


How has Air Canada Virtual and IFATC had an effect on your flying ability. For example, flying from destination to destination in the ac livery, or flying in ac events. How has both VA’s impacted the state in where you are today?


What is your dream feature you would like to see added into IF and why?


@DeerCrusher knows why I’d assume right? 😜😂


Keep the questions coming

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What is your aviation goal?

What prompted you to reopen IFCI after the previous one closed down?

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Is takeoff or landing your favorite?
What crew?
What is in your future?
Would you rather control TS1 KLAX for a week or eat 5 habanero peppers per day for a week?

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Whats the most annoying thing about working with me?

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How much maple syrup do you guys even have every day?

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CR3W CR3W CR3W… Oh what to ask…

Well, What brought you to the ACVA and what drove you to stay and ultimately become a member of staff?

Do you butter or grease your landings? Yes this matters, especially to our friendly Crusher of Deers, Matt ;)

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