IFCI - Submit Questions for IFC Mod DeerCrusher!

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Hello, IFC!

We’re here today for another Interview here at IFCI, this time with the beloved @DeerCrusher himself! Being a mod, we do have to make some ground rules for this Interview, and questions that should not be asked:

No asking about upcoming IF Updates
No asking for Mod (Just saying)
And anything else that could/will be flagged as off-topic

The interview process will go like this:

  1. We open a question thread and after a certain time we close it, if we have the sufficient amount of questions
  2. We then ask a handful of said questions to the Interview who responds
  3. We then have another thread with the questions and answers, and then we have a break and the process repeats itself!

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Submit Someone For An Interview


Do you hope to be flying bigger planes in the future of your pilot career?

  1. “Deer Crusher”?
  2. Shall we call you Deer?
  3. Tell us about your history with IF
  4. What aviation passion do you have outside IF
  5. Do you have any other hobbies or passions?
  6. A day in the life of an IF moderator
  7. When was the last time you opened as controller on Expert?

Without being biased, Embraer or Bombardier?

Did you get to choose which type rating you wanted in AA’s flight training?


What’s your guilty pleasure (other than deer, of course)?

What was your initial reaction to becoming a moderator?

Exactly how fun is flying your Embraer 145 and crushing deer at the same time?

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What is your relationship with the word ‘butter’?

On a scale of ERJ145 to A350, how much do you like the A10 update?


How far do you like commuting to work? What’s too long?

Do you crush deers?

  1. You have been a moderator for some time now. With this, you have been able to enteract with the community in more ways then ever before. What impact do you hope you have put on all the members you have created a relationship or a bond with? Do you want to continue to widen your door to have even more relationships within this community?

  2. Just like Ewan, you play a crucial role in the IFVARB. You have seen Virtual Airlines go on and become extremely successful and you have also seen Virtual Airlines tear apart within a couple of days. What piece of advise or motivation would you give those Virtual Airlines that have found the harder end of the stick? What impact do you hope you have put on all the Virtual Airlines that you have talked with?

  3. We all know, eventually, you will have to leave the Infinite Flight Community. What do you want to be remembered by when that day comes and how do you plan to achieve this idea?

  1. How do you rate @BluePanda900 in VARB?
  2. I think it is past @Evan’s bedtime
  3. How fun is it to ban someone from IFC to 2209?
  4. Talking about banning, when will you ban Pranav?
  5. Explain your username
  6. When will the E145 come to Infinite Flight?
  7. Does @Trevor_A really deserve Regular?
  8. Am I the finest TL3?
  9. This is number 9
  10. You just looked up and realized there is no question for #9
  11. How many flags do you receive from me daily?
  12. Las Vagas or Phenoix?
  13. In one word, describe @ewanfleming
  14. Hey Matt
  15. How off topic is #offtopic in VARB slack?
  16. Is a deer your spirit animal?
  17. What is your opinion of Europeans?
  18. Is it true that BluePanda is a terrible controller?
  19. Why did you accept this IFCI Interview?
  20. Name one singer
  21. Do you Denver?
  22. Can you send a picture of your flights to me?
  23. I still can’t find Denver on a map
  24. I wanna be a beta tester!!!
  25. How many PMs do you receive from me weekly?
  26. Will you ever control again?
  27. How about those Broncos
  28. Are you still reading?
  29. I’m out of ideas, what is your favorite food?
  30. Do the Colorado Rapids even exists?
  31. Who makes better events? Me or @Balloonchaser
  32. Are you a United Flyer?
  33. Do you like the color rojo?
  34. Can I get free flights?
  35. The word Butter should be banned
  36. I’m suggesting to @Kamryn here.
  37. I spent a lot of time on this, can you like it?
  38. What is 3+9? It’s on my Homework
  39. Who is better? @Damian or @Danman
  40. I think we should play truth or dare once
  41. What will you do if I tagged a staff member?
  42. Is google even a thing?
  43. Should we destroy the lounge together
  44. I’m about to tag a staff member
  45. How tall are you?
  46. I think you should ban @BluePanda900 for not nominating you
  47. Have you completed the form I made yet?
  48. I am currently cooking pasta FYI
  49. When is the Space Shuttle making a grand return?
  50. I MADE IT TO 50!!!
  1. What made you an Avgeek?

  2. What is your favorite aircraft to fly in Infinite Flight?

  3. Would you raver fly LGA-ATL in First Class or JFK-ATL in Economy Class?

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Adding onto to Waffle’s question, is there any dream plane that you hope to one day fly?

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Answer this…

If you eat yourself will you become twice as big or will you just disappear? Think about that question deeply before you answer… 😉

Also what do you personally want to see the Developers accomplish next?


How did you come up with the name “deercrusher?”

What is your favorite part about flying the ERJ-145?
What is your least favorite part?

When will you become a real pilot? Asking for @Joe


Is a Mod considered staff?
Also, How did you find out about IF

I posted it at 6:30 AM AST 😂

I was up for School lol

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Will you ever, ever, ever upload a pic from work to our chat?


What’s really happening at the Denver Airport?

I know they’re hiding something.😏

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