IFCI - Submit Questions for IFC Member Natedog508!


Hello, IFC!

We’re here today for another Interview here at IFCI, this time with @natedog508 himself!

Nate is a Member here on the IFC, the Co-founder and President of Air Canada Virtual, and an IFATC Specialist!

The interview process will go like this:

  1. We open a question thread and after a certain time we close it, if we have the sufficient amount of questions
  2. We then ask a handful of said questions to the Interview who responds
  3. We then have another thread with the questions and answers, and then we have a break and the process repeats itself!




Oooh this one will be good just wait nate 😂😏


I’ve got a few questions:

  1. What is your dream feature you would like to see added to IF and why?
  2. What was your inspiration/goal with ACVA?
  3. What has been your best memory, being part of the IFATC team?

What made you join IF?

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How does it feel to have CR3W as your boss?


Loving these questions everyone!

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What kind of exchanges happen between you and @CR3W basing on the fact that he is your boss and you are his boss?


What is your favorite part of being the owner of ACVA?

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How are you connected to aviation?
Butter or grease?

There’s no shame in asking any questions you have!

Ask away while you can, it can be from asking about is fav colour or something about Air Canada Virtual!

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Or personal questions!! 🤪 I’m open to all questions everyone. I love these ones so far :)

I’m a member of IFATC
President of the ACVA
Training to be a pilot irl at KVNY

Just to get some more ideas for questions!

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What is your favorite part about working towards being a pilot? :)


What is the commercial airport you fly out of and into the most?

Have you flown to KSJC before? If not, will you do it in the future?

Does ACVA have nonstop CYVR-KSJC (since it is a route irl)?

What are your opinions on IFATC?

What do you do outside of IF as a hobby?

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What’s your favorite hobby.

What do you want to be when you grow up.

At what speeds should planes be at on downwind and base for approach.

What is your favorite approach.

When is the time you like to most control.

What is your favorite airport to control.

What is the best pilot tip you can think of.

Who is your favorite controller in IFATC.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck would.


Whats so good about the number 508?
When did you join IFATC?
would you rather be a pilot or Air traffic controller?

Who let the dogs out?


Amazing questions everyone! Can’t wait to see more that I can answer :)

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How is soccer practice coming along? :3

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