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IFCI Question Thead with @Luke_M

Hello and welcome to the IFCI Question Thread for @Luke_M !

This thread is so you can ask anything, be it about aviation, life, IFC or anything about @Luke_M/Luke_M!

If you have any questions, ask them below. We ask that you do not ask questions that may offend someone. Any inappropriate questions will be flagged as off topic and removed. We also ask that you read before you post and not post questions that have already been asked.

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What’s it like being a IFATC recruiter for you? (In your opinion)

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What was your initial fuel that helped you get to where you are today within IFATC? In other words, what made you go further and further?

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I won’t be accepting that question, since that’s something that you and Luke can discuss separately.

Keep the questions coming, I’ll be taking 13 more.

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😂 it was meant as a joke, I can delete if you want

alright another question: how long did it take you to get an IFATC Recruiter?

Great to see IFCI back! Looking forward to seeing all these interviews. My question today:

Luke, being from Australia, is harder to control while being upside down or do you think that this different perspective helps you in your role as trainer?


if your an all time fan you’ll know what my question is.

How has the IFC changed you as a person

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Question: does it ever get to overwhelming, dealing with too any situations at once?
(To all IFATC out there, fantastic job all of you, I don’t understand how you do it 👍).
Happy Flying

How did you discover Infinite Flight and Infinite Flight Community?

How does it feel being dubbed “Luke #1” by Josh?


What’s one country you really want to visit, and if you could choose any plane to fly there what would it be?

Luke, you are colloquially known as the Spotify King. Tell me how you got such good taste in music.


How many more Lukes do you have to recruit before staging a revolution in IFATC? Do you think you stand any chance against the Matts?


What’s the battery life in the magnetic boots you guys use to walk down under?


How do you make a balance between being a recruiter and normal work, Luke?

What brings you to control/teach ATC to people everyday?

Hey Luke,

How many ATC Sessions have you controlled so far, and what is the funniest moment you have experienced during any controlling session or training?

Looking into your profile picture, what kind of mountain ranges do like hiking through in Australia? Looking into the perspective as a European would you recommend me to travel 15,000km to visit Australia?

Greeting from the land of shamrocks.

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the confusion. We will continue to take questions for Luke until tomorrow. Please continue to ask questions for the interview.

-Kacey, IFCI COO

  1. How does it feel to have all of your trainees this year pass first time in their IFATC practical test?
  2. Why Harris Farms