IFCI - Submit Questions for IF Support Staff Schyllberg


Hello, IFC!

We’re here today for another Interview here at IFCI, this time with @Schyllberg!

The interview process will go like this:

  1. We open a question thread and after a certain time we close it, if we have the sufficient amount of questions
  2. We then ask a handful of said questions to the Interview who responds
  3. We then have another thread with the questions and answers, and then we have a break and the process repeats itself!

If you have already submitted questions on our form, no need to make duplicates. Thanks.




Do you have touchpoints in RL Aviation?

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@schyllberg ,

How can I incorporate “lagom” into my schedule next year?



I’ve got a couple of questions:

  1. What’s your dream feature for IF?
  2. What’s your favourite route to fly in IF?
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Firstly I wanna say, meeting Seb in September was an absolute blast, such a funny time and I am still blown away by the sheer power of that beard!

My question (s)

  1. What has been the most challenging issue to overcome in the support category?

  2. Favourite… Flying or controlling?

  3. What has been your highlight of 2018 and do you have any new year resolutions?

Much love



How much money would you require the regulars to pool in order for you to shave your beard?


I will veto that and fly to Sweden to make sure that doesn’t happen.


Seb, when will you start controlling the skies in IF?

“One can buy anything with money except morality”-Jean-Jacques Rosseau
Unless of course Seb’s beard is his morality I think it can happen Levet

Is it true Denmark, Sweden, and Norway all have beef with each other?

If you had to balance Estrella Damm or Estrella Galicia on a stone dog’s head, which would balance better?


What made you get into aviation, obviously your career choice is not synonymous with aviation but you clearly now have a link to it. Do you have any regrets at all in this career choice, would you rather work somewhere with a greater attachment to aircraft ie pilot, airport worker etc?

Also how did you get involved with IF at a more senior level? The beginnings are exactly the same for most people so that doesn’t need to be covered ‘searched the App Store for flight simulators one day and found that IF was the only good one’ 😂

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Alrighty, lemme ask Sebbe some questions regarding anything and everything that no other than Swedes will understand, like the some of the ones below 😂, While other questions are more centered around IF and IFC.

  • Which part of Stockholm City do you like the most (Innerstad, Östermalm, Södermalm, etc…)?

  • What’s your favorite route to fly with SAS?

  • Tunnelbana (Subway/Underground) or Pendeltåg (Commuter Train)?

  • Do you like the Red or Blue color on the Buses in Sthlm more?

  • Your favorite vacation destination (Country)?

  • What’s the most challenging part of being a Staff?

  • On a scale from Nothing to Your Beard, where does the A350 place?

Best moment in Infinite Flight?

Why does Swedish have so many dots and slashes and šÿmböłs (accents and others) in the letters and words?

If you had one flight you could experience IRL, not flying just experiencing, that you have done in IF what would that be?

Mr Ginger Santa Sir, what are you bringing me for Christmas?


Do you remember @aviationguy1229?

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Opinion on the drone situation in Gatwick today what should they do to stop this happening again ?

What will you do if you have won 1 million dollars?