IFCI - Submit Questions for BluePanda900!


Hello Infinite Flight Community!

Today I am extremely proud to be interviewing an Infinite Flight Community Gem, and calls himself a Blue Panda, @BluePanda900! To complete this extremely special Interview, we need your help! Submit any question (or questions) you have for Panda and he will pick the top ten and answer them! Here is some interesting information about Panda that your questions could be based off of:

  • IFVARB Admin

  • A somewhat good IFATC Controller

  • Supports a bandwagon English Premier League Club

  • He is a Panda

The interview process will go like this:

  1. We open a question thread and after a certain time we close it, if we have the sufficient amount of questions

  2. We then ask a handful of said questions to the Interview who responds

  3. We then have another thread with the questions and answers, and then we have a break and the process repeats itself!

Thank you for taking your time to type up a question for Panda. Make sure you check out our website below! @ewanfleming I expect at least one question from you.

IFCI Website
Request An Interview

Brought to you by Pandas


I’ve got a couple of questions:

  1. Why do you support Liverpool?

  2. What do you enjoy the most about being an IFVARB Admin?

  3. If you could add anything to Infinite Flight, what would it be and why?

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  1. If there were one thing you would change about Infinite Flight, what would it be?

  2. If you had to pick one moderator to swap positions with, who would you choose?

Hi, my question for Panda is

  1. how / when was your first contact with IF,
  2. how long you have IF, and how long you are a member of IFC, and lastly,
  3. what else do you like so much in the game as here in IFC

Panda, Panda, Panda… a great trainer, a fun IFVARB Admin, and, well… a panda.

  1. Did you expect my radar training would take as long as it has?
  2. Are you happy that we’re nearing the end of the road with my training?
  3. What is your favorite/least favorite part about MMMY?
  4. If you could change one thing about IFATC, what would it be?
  5. What’s your favorite/least favorite part about being an IFVARB Admin?
  6. What’s your favorite/least favorite thing about being an IFATC trainer?
  7. If you had the power to change one thing about the IFC, what would it be?
  8. Why do you call yourself BluePanda900?
  9. Do you play an instrument?
  10. Is your favorite animal a panda?

Will you ever train me more?

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If bamboo was not an option? What would you eat?

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1, My callsign is GGMU, will you still vector me to airport or dump me in holding pattern?

2, You only like black and white movies becos you are Panda??

  1. Do you wear fur coats or denim jackets?

As you are a political activist I have a very serious and urgent political question for you:

Imagine it’s the year 1750 and we’re living in France in a system of the estates of the realm.

The king is above everything. Then comes the first estate (the entire clergy), then the second estate (the French nobility and royalty other than the monarch) and last but not least the third estate (wage laborers, free peasants, …)

Now my question to you: Who in this community would be the king (or queen of course) above all, and who would be in the first, second or third estate?


A lot of Qs

1.Why do you not support arsenal even though their better than liverpool

2.What grade in IF are you

3.Why do you support a not so very good Football club

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This isn’t a question but more of a quick recognition of the great quality of work he does for those who don’t know. I was parking at LHBP earlier today and Panda accidentally sent me a simple wrong message (not hard to make that mistake), but he actually went out of his way to not only say disregard and thank you on IF, but to also reach out to my VA and make sure everything was okay. That level of detail is pretty impressive in my eyes and was incredibly appreciated/unexpected. Keep up the great work, @BluePanda900! Looking forward to the interview!


I have a question and a statement


How are you? How does it feel to get the first IFCI interview… In forever

Statement on Behalf of IFCI Senior Staff

Due to an Internal Restructuring, IFCI interviews, apart from this one, have been put on Permanent Hold, feel free to PM me or CR3W to find out the status of your interview.



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How does it feel being an IFVARB Admin?

Do you prefer controlling radar, or tower/ ground, and why?

In America, National Panda Day is March 16. National dress in blue day is also in March. Your last interview was in March of 2018. Coincidence? Should we expect yearly interviews with blue panda every year in March going forward?

  1. What is your favorite type of bamboo?
  2. What are your passengers reaction when they see a panda in the captain seat?

Why did you have to steal my soul at a theme park? I was trying to have fun!


What. Is. Your. Real. Nombre. ?

As an IFVARB Admin, is your work in any way advanced, hard or is it easy?