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Hello, IFC

How is everyone doing today? Has your day been great? Bad? The worst? The best? Casual? Whatever your day was like today, let’s make it better by asking our fellow IFC member @2003iggy some questions for his IFCI interview.

Interview Summary

This is the second stage of the interviewing process. We have four stages here at IFCI, so that means we are halfway through the interviewing process. This is going to be my first ever interview for IFCI.

About @2003iggy

@2003iggy is currently an IFC Regular (TL3) who joined the community earlier this year on May 2, 2018. He is another one of the interviewers on IFCI just like me and is also the IFCI Head of Development. In Infinite Flight, he is an IFATC specialist and is a part of ATCEG, ACVA, BAVA, IFGAC, and IAV. He also recently opened up Finnair Virtual and is currently the CEO and co-founder of the VA.

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Enough of the yabbering



What is your favorite airline and aircraft?
What is the route what you like most to fly in Infinite flight?

What’s your favourite part about being an IFATC?

Let’s keep the questions going!

What does the IFCI head of development do?

Keep going, everyone! We need more questions for @2003iggy

Maybe ask about his new VA or about his IFC experience

What made you want to open up Finnair virtual?

Why do I know you very well?
Why did you start FVA?
Do you want the Finnair A350 in game?
Please help me
Do you prefer waffles or pancakes
I just realised I can ask you all this seperate from the IFC
Are my aviation memes top notch?

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@BigBert10 Are those posts really necessary? Either just allow people to post, or instead of putting text in bold and exclamation marks, maybe just say “bumping this because we need more questions?”

Well it doesn’t look like there is any activity going on here. Best to bump at times


Assuming that you are a football fan, since you live in London, which club do you support and why?

Serious meme lad question:

Why Finnair?

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Let’s keep them questions coming! :D

  • What’s the best VA you are in and why?
  • What does the Community mean to you ?
  • Why the username? (I know but others may not)

Just one Question for you
How hard was it to get Finnair virtual approved

  • What’s it like running your own Virtual Airline?

  • Why do you enjoy politics so much?

  • Who is your favourite Deputy President at BAVA ;)?

Why is your father the Inflatable Autopilot?

Sum up your life in a few key words.

Last few hours to ask your questions for @2003iggy.

Get them in before they


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This thread is now closed.

Interview thread coming up in a bit…

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