IFCI Question Thread for @RTG113

IFCI Question Thread with @RTG113

Welcome to the Question thread for one of our own IFATC Rocco. This thread will to be for you IFC members to ask him some questions about his IF, IFC and irl experiences or things hea seen.

Want some more Info on @RTG113
Go head and click onto his profile to view so more info and be able to ask him so cool and exciting questions.

Please remeber to make appropriate questions because @RTG113 and myself have the option to void and questions we see as inappropriate or repeat questions.

Interview Process

Stages Already Completed

Ask permission for person to be interviewed by the IFCI interviewr

Current Stage

Open up question thread for IFC members to ask him

Stages to Come

Pick 10 questions and ask RTG113 to answer them

Final Stage

Open actual answer thread and complete his interview

We are currently on the second step of his Interview

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Request an Interview

Let the Questions Begin

Do remeber that any inappropriate or off topic replys will be flagged and not answered. Any inside jokes please say so when replying


Define why you crash so much: 🛬🔥

Do you wake Tom up every morning or does he wake you up?


Hey Rocco!
What is your favorite part about being an IFATC Trainer and what do you enjoy most about training aspiring controllers including myself? :)

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What steps did you go through to obtain your Grade 5 Status and how often to get a chance to fly? What is your favorite aircraft, what aircraft would you like to see in IF or IF improve? How long have you been on IF? What’s your favorite thing to do on IF?

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Hey Rocco, do you enjoy controlling tower/ground/ATIS or approach/departure more?

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Who will be the next guy who earns the “Top Crasher” title?
(Well, it was first Joshy, then Tom, then You… who else)


Do ya reckon you could teach me how to fly?

How the HECK did you get into IFAE??? It’s infinite Flight Aviation EXPERTS, not for bad pilots.

Why do you struggle so much to perform a landing less than -500 fpm?



When will you become a pro at Controlling on the Expert Server?

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I’m laughing for real right now! 😂


Explain to me this…

Aaaaand this…


Second one doesn’t count. Dang, y’all pull out some old shots of the Long Island crashing legend 😂


Um, WHERE did you get those pictures from? 🤨

Some guy named Dillon Lewis, not sure if he’s on the forum or not so I wanted to ensure they were shared


How does it feel to crash while taxiing almost every time / how do you manage to pull that off?

I’ve heard that you can relate to your own question. 🤔 @Ryan_Vidad



If you could learn to land one aircraft without damaging a wing or landing gear which one would be first?

How do you handle all of the popularity of having a truckload full of screenshots from so many IFCers?

What are your favorite airports to control?


The only thing I crash is the party.

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Are you ready to destroy some split scimitars?

How many times a day do you ask @anon66442947 about becoming a supervisor?

How many times a day do you beg to become a beta tester?

Would your main argument for becoming a beta tester be your ability to “stress test” all new aircraft?

Why is KISP such a dump?

Why is Tampa International Airport 50 times better than KFLL?

Favorite Brit? @ewanfleming or @Adam_Williams?

Why are you obsessed with James Charles?

Unpopular Opinion, Spirit > Southwest.

Has your streak with Ewan ever reached over 7 days?


Rocco, I expect ever question on the Panda list answered 😜🐼

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