IFCI Question Thread for IFCI COO Connor!


IFCI Question Thread with @Connor

Welcome back to another IFCI question thread for @Connor!

This thread is for community members to submit some interesting and
engaging questions about his IF, IFC, IRL experiences etc for Connor to answer (:

The Interview Process
  1. Permission - We alert the candidate of their nomination and seek permission to continue.

  2. Open a Question Topic - We will start a thread where the IFC get to suggest questions that we may ask you during be interview!

  3. Conduct the Interview - Two options; receive the questions 1 at a time or receive a questionnaire style form to complete in its entirety.

  4. Publish! Give the IFC the answers they have been waiting for, and some answers they probably weren’t expecting ;)

-Request an interview
-IFCI Thread
-IFCI Website

Have fun asking some good and unique questions for Connor to answer ;) !

-The IFCI Team




What got you into Infinite Flight and how did you discover the Infinite Flight Community?


Hi Connor! 2 questions;

  • We all know Australians invented pavlova, but did the Kiwis invent pavlova with kiwi fruit on it?
  • If you were a mod on the IFC for 24 hours, what would be your first action?

Takes 2 deep breaths


answers @Connor’s fav question

How has the IFC changed you as a person?

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How did you discover BLACKPINK? And can you tell us a brief journey of your love with BLACKPINK? :P

Sorry, I just had to #Kpoplife


Are a good or bad Learner Driver? Im terrible 😆

No no the real question of mine is do you Act on an aviation TV show? If no what TV show do you act in so I can watch you 👀


Hey Connor :)
Here’s my question: What did you enjoy most about Emirates Virtual?


If you had the chance to hang out with Blackpink for 12 hours, what would you do?

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Would you rather control KLAX on Casual or Have to pay for IF Pro every day

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Why did you and @Evan want to open IFCI?


I’ve asked him that so many times but I never get a response…


I’ll go into more depth about the TV show when I answer them

  1. Why do you have a BEAR on your profile picture
  2. Is New Zealand actually a country
  3. From a scale from @BluePanda900 to @MrMrMan, how have I improved your writing
  4. What is Kiwi
  5. Should I post @HiFlyer’s interview yet?
  6. Where is New Zealand
  7. What in the world is cricket?
  8. Ever licked a Kangaroo?
  9. Why does the Lounge exist?
  10. Does New Zealand ever qualify for the World Cup?
  11. Does Australia hate New Zealand
  12. Will you ever become IFATC
  13. Ever heard of Joe Flacco? Me either
  14. Name one city in Boston
  15. You just said “what?”
  16. You just looked up Boston thinking it was a country
  17. You just found out Boston is a city
  18. When will @Aviator_Airbus like Qantas?
  19. Fave Reveal?
  20. Can I ban @Evan
  21. Does Wellington have any Wells
  22. Name on American Singer that is not Justin Beiber
  23. Does New Zealand ever get jealous of Australia
  24. Ever watch the news
  25. What number are you on?
  26. Do you think @DeerCrusher has the correct opinion on the word butter?
  27. Is gray a color?
  28. Color or colour?
  29. Why do people put a “u” in words that do not need a “u”
  30. Connour
  31. What do you think of Americans
  32. Why do you keep reading these questions
  33. IFCI stands for what again?
  34. When will @BluePanda900 get an interview
  35. Please like this post. I’m as desperate for likes as @Gabe_Z
  36. I just realized I’m on question 36
  37. You just realized this is question 37
  38. When is quite hour in the IFCI Slack
  39. Guess how many times people tagged me yesterday
  40. Do you ever fly on Infinite Flight

You work for me… 🤨


What do I have to do with this? 😂

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I am always liking!

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I can answer a couple of these.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that, but we really don’t like the fact that they think they invented pavlova.

Yes, they get jealous that we invented pavlova and try to take all the credit for themselves.


When they go bankrupt.


I’ve been to Boston. Kinda defeats the purpose of the questions

You mean the Americas Cup and the Rugby world Cup that we’ve won twice. No tea no shade

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