IFCI Interview with @VAnuj

Interview with @VAnuj

Interview Summary:
Welcome to the 4th and final stage of the interview for @VAnuj. This is where all the weird and odd questions that you have asked, comes into play!

Now to the Interview with VAnuj

@Connor What is your favorite Kpop Group or star. And what is your favorite Kpop song?:
My favorite group is BTS and my favorite K-POP song is definitely Kiss and Makeup by Dua Lipa and BLACKPINK.

@The_Geniusman Explain your username:
So this is a question I get a lot, and I know why. The V is for my middle name, Vahn, and my first name is Anuj. My name IRL isn’t VAnuj, it’s Anuj.

@SkysTheLimit87 Do you like Cities: Skylines?:
Well I haven’t really played it before, but I like watching people play it because I’m into architecture.

@SimpleWaffles Do you like McNuggets?:
No I don’t like them. I LOVE THEM! They are literally the best food in the world and my heaven has a bunch of them. I sister stan

@Dylan_M How are you so good at making awesome Fly-Out events?:
I think it comes down to the formatting. The formatting has to be aesthetically pleasing or else people won’t wanna join. Another thing is the location. I like choosing smaller, less flown to airports. I wouldn’t do LAX or JFK, but I would do SBA or LGA since they are smaller airports in the same area.

@BigBert10 How do you feel that SJC will soon have a nonstop to RDU with Southwest?:
I don’t really fly Southwest IRL but it’s nice to see SJC is jetting more attention! If I ever go to SJC I’ll fly on Southwest just for you. ;)

@Gman What is one thing that you would like added in infinite flight?:
I would love to see the addition of the MD-80. It’s such a beautiful, elegant aircraft and I’m sad to see that it is being phased out of some airlines.

@maeyo My friend likes EXO, is that something I should be concerned about?:
Uhh EXO is great and I love their music so why would you be worried? Tell your friend he/she has a good taste in music! My personal opinion is that I don’t like EXO, but your friend can do you.- Connor

@Chris_Hoover Are you excited to lead American Virtual? Why?:
Yes, I’m very excited. I want to bring AAVA back better than ever. I know we won’t disappoint because I have a great team of staff to help me make AAVA better than ever.

@Connor Are you a Blink?:
Eh der, who isn’t??
Blinks are fans of Blackpink

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Thanks for interviewing me!


Ooh, I need to see that KLGA event! Great interview otherwise!


Maybe it’ll be next!


Loving the interview!

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Hope you do! :D

You should do SJC in the future XD

Great interview! :D

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