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Hello Community, the IFCI is back with the final interview of Pool one. I was lucky enough to interview @Trio, IFATC Officer, IFAE member, and founder and owner of ATCEG. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions, here is the interview:

@Cbro4 - Why did we create this ATCEG thing?
Back when I started my ATC Tracking Thread in December I was actively looking for ways to improve all the time. I would go to others’ sessions when other controllers opened their thread, I would open and hope even one person would come to the airport I opened, the majority of the time I got no traffic and the only guaranteed airports to have guaranteed traffic were EGLL, KLAX, KJFK, KSFO, and EHAM. I was finding it hard to improve and learn.
As a training server controller who is new to the community it can be a rather lonely process. I saw everyone else secluded, opening at random, all by themselves with no support group behind them. No traffic. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could go through this process together and have some added organization.
That’s when the ATC Event Group (ATCEG) was created. It first started as just a simple group chat on the forum that then went through different stages and now has morphed into what it is today; a group of 31+ IFATC and training server controllers looking to help controllers become IFATC members faster with group controlling on the training server which is unheard of and our events.
We have grown into something more then just an event group, you can learn things that you wouldn’t learn just by controlling by yourself and watching/reading the tutorials. We look to reduce the shock a new controller has when they become an IFATC member, we’re a stepping stone.

@Grizpac - What are your next IF-related goals/dreams/aspirations?
Perfect next question, my only Infinite Flight related goal is make the ATCEG more respected in the ATC community and Infinite Flight Community, because I don’t feel it currently is.

@N1RG - What made you come up with name Trio?
The answer to your question is that the Infinite Flight Community forum sign up page made me come up with the name Trio. On Twitter awhile back I created 3 private lists. One was called “informative”, the other “innovative” and the last one was called “inventive”. When I would follow someone I would add them to the list that applied to them; if they did not get added to 2 of the three lists I would unfollow them. I thought back to my twitter account and I always strived to be innovative, informative and inventive so I googled a synonym for three and chose the word trio. Plus I thought it sounded cool, and it was available. It can morph into a bunch of different meanings.

@EverUnited - You joined the forum (relatively) recently. How did you become so involved in the community so fast?
Once you find a group of people with your same interests and goals then it’s pretty hard not to get a bit attached quickly.

@BobbyRobert - Bombardier CSeries vs Airbus a320 vs Boeing 737 vs Embraer E2, which is the best?
Citation X.

@Jackclarke825 - What’s your favourite trio of chocolate bars?
Hershey chocolate bar, Take 5, Butterfinger.

@Connor - How have you changed as a person by being on the IFC.
I have been become a little bit more grumpy and short which I do not like and I’m trying to change.

@Ryan_Vidad - What’s the dream. Anything you are aiming to accomplish when you grow up? (aviation wise)
I am red green colorblind, I’m not currently aware of any aviation related things I could do in the future that would interest me.

@Royce – Trio, what factors of controlling make you love ATC so much?
I don’t really know to be honest. I find it to be much more rewarding compared to flying. I like the rush of having a large amount of people in the pattern, on the ground, queued at the hold short line and having the ability to sort everything out.

@Boodz_G - When controlling, do you have any certain techniques?
I move around like a jack rabbit, think 4 steps ahead of the traffic and have a plan. I always try to be proactive not reactive.

That’s all for today. I would love to thank everyone who participated in this and took the time to submit a question.

On another note, as this is the final interview in pool one, I would like to say thanks on behalf of the IFCI to everyone who has come along for the journey and stuck with us. Make sure you listen out for the interviews in pool two.

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… close enough.


Nice interview as always, @Oli_H.

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Was a great oppurtunity, I enjoyed it. Thank you everyone for the questions!


The ATC Egg group? What are you talking about? 😂. JK

You did a great job with ATCEG. It’s a nice idea and a great way to have controllers who know procedures on the training server as well. Nice job @Trio and good luck with anything you plan to do!

Edit. It was interesting, informative and inventive now that I remember correctly. I created those lists a long time ago and have since deleted them.

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@Trio I am not surprised you said this at all

And for all future ATC controllers take notes

Oh my god, is it that noticeable, the grumpiness! 🤣

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I don’t think anyone saw this coming

Great interview @Trio!!!


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