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IFCI Answer Thread!

Hello and Welcome to my Answer Thread! I’ve picked a handful of the best questions you asked me.


  • The IFCI team

Way too many to list. I’ve met some great people, made some everlasting friends, and learned so many new things during my time here. But, if I had to narrow it down, probably (disclaimer: this will be long) @Drummer, @Balloonchaser, @Asher, @snoman, @Tsumia, @Ecoops123, @Pingu, @AviationReports, @Suhas, @Shane, and way, way, more (sorry if I didn’t include you, I still like you though).

I’d been a part of a couple VAs for a few months, and really liked the community part of the VA experience. I had gotten to meet some new people and make some new friends, which I hadn’t been able to do in real life (more information on that later). I wanted to give back to the community and give that experience to more people. I’d been considering making a retro airline, perhaps Northwest, America West, or TWA. I actually saw the documentary for British Airtours Flight 28M, and that’s how Global Airtours was born. The rest is history.

I’ve been in IFATC for 6 months now, and it’s definitely been an experience that I will cherish for a long, long time. As for memories, I remember my first report, my first session, the long process of radar training (shoutout @Drummer), the satisfaction of passing my radar test, and my first few radar sessions.

But, the best memory has to be controlling London Heathrow without an approach controller. I’d used extend downwind commands and a lot of 360s, and it turned out to be one of my best sessions.

I use a broom. Bought it from Daiso, does the job that it’s supposed to. In the living room and hallways, vacuum. But, they generally don’t shed as much as other breeds of dogs, so it’s not too bad.

KLAX. Simplistic layout, know the airport well, STARs are organized and concise.

I’m totally not bias there. SoCal airports are the best.

Big sports fan, hockey and baseball are the best. Also a big fan of Classic Rock music and pop. I’ve been a writer for a long time (and I’m actually writing a book). To be honest, I’m very socially awkward in person, as one that has had autism and Asperger syndrome, never really been popular. So yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Good question. When I was in second or third grade, I used to have a bad temper (I still have it today, just ask @Drummer), so my teacher called me Thunderbolt. It’s sticked to this day. I’ve never really liked my name (not catchy at all), so I figured I’d go as Thunderbolt (also known as Tbolt - similar to my callsign T-BOLT).

I played the violin until sixth grade, really didn’t like my instructor, and I wasn’t great. Still have the violin to this day, but I don’t use it (and I’ve probably forgotten by now).


We won 2 out of 3 in Denver. Good enough :)

Could be better.

Just kidding, @Drummer was a great trainer, he’s an incredible human being and a great friend, and without his guidance, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

It’s healthy, and it tastes good when you cook it right.

I eat salmon, cod, branzino, and some other fishes, depending on what the local fish market has. Good stuff.

It’s like a puzzle. Moving aircraft around, making lines, organizing, adjusting, whatever is needed. I’m a very organized person, so seeing plans go right and the satisfaction of a well-crafted line motivates me to keep going and provide the best quality of service possible.

My goal is to climb the ranks of IFATC, perhaps become a trainer or supervisor down the road, so it starts with one step at a time, starting with apprentice, specialist, and to officer. So, I wanted to continue down the road and become a better controller, as well as a better person.


One of my bucket list cities, of course. Once it’s safe enough to do so, though.

Or, you could visit me in SoCal. Just saying…

The older one (Monty) was purchased from a local pet store in early 2005, and Milo (my pfp) was purchased from a breeder down in San Diego in March 2018. I got to sit next to him on the ride home. He’s still my best friend to this date.

My mom.

I was at a hockey tournament in San Diego for New Year’s 2018, and while we were waiting for the breakfast buffet, a friend of mine showed me Infinite Flight. Flew for a bit with the A380 - and crashed every single time, but going home, I downloaded it, purchased my first subscription, and the rest is history.

The desire to help others, meet new people, and develop as a person and as a pilot. I’d been in a lot of new user’s shoes, not knowing the functions of the community, not knowing how it worked or how I should use it, and not really knowing anyone. I wanted to help new users and be a leader in the community (something I can’t do outside of the community), so I wanted to really help and be someone that can be relied upon and trusted.

Without a doubt, yes. I’ve met amazing people and will continue to connect with them, along with any other people I’ll met along the way. The people here have been so influential, and I want to do the same for years to come.

Yes. The sim has developed so much during my time with Infinite Flight, and I will continue to support the staff team and the people that make the simulator what it is. As someone that wishes to become a pilot, I feel like IF will be an important part as I learn to fly million dollar jets and make a career out of it.

No. Me and my Thunderboltisms will still be here. On a side note, what is a Thunderboltism?

Tokyo. Great transportation system, great food, clean, simplistic. Love Metropolitan atmospheres, love Japanese food, love taking trains everyone. It’s the perfect city.

Singapore would be a close second. Just don’t like the weather.

My family, my aforementioned friends, without a doubt. The moderation team has been so influential in my community experience, @DeerCrusher, @Marc, @Tyler_Shelton have been nothing but heroes, and I have to thank them, as well as the IFATC team, the people at GAT, and the community for supporting me, making me the best person I can be, and opening a new chapter in my book of life.

The fact that you aren’t in it.

KLAX. Flights to everywhere, layout, simplicity, everything but the kitchen sink.

Blue and green.

That’s not my decision, but Corgis. Perfect dogs.

I actually have a PC strong enough for X-Plane and MFS, but I don’t really use it anymore (I actually used to use it for IF, but that ended after 19.4 came out). The computer is a bit old, and my mom uses it for work.

I’ve only been once during the pandemic. It’s very busy, so it’s a bit of a headache to go there with one lane streets, with cars and golf carts all over the place. Balboa Pier is nice, though. Not recommended during a pandemic, however. Stay home.

When all of my priorities are fulfilled. I just bought a new computer for general use, and I need to buy a phone to replace my iPhone 5 sooner than later. I’ll take recommendations, though.

When it’s safe to do so, and if you come here. You’d better buy me In-N-Out, though.

SQ12, Airbus A380-800 from WSSS-RJAA-KLAX. I’d gotten to visit the cockpit, and at first sight, it was beautiful. I flew on the A380 at least 10-12 times before it was switched to a 777-300ER, and then to a direct flight on the A350-900ULR.

I’d also gotten some play planes from my uncle, so I used to play with those for hours at a time. The rest is history (gosh, I say that a lot).

Time travel. I have so many regrets from the past that I wish I could change.

I have one thing (but it’d start a huge argument, so not saying it). So, I’ll say world peace and equality. Everyone is human, everyone deserves to be treated the same.

A320 series.

The old show Wipeout (which was filmed in SoCal).

And by the way, it’s coming back later this year on TBS (hosted by John Cena, go check it out).

Not a big movie fan, so yeah…

Human ATC. It’s organized, professional, and the people that do it are amazing. Not many other flight sims can say that.

As for the IFC, the people are amazing. Short and sweet.

Well, our backyard happens to be right on the final to runway 24 at KFUL, so they’ve probably seen some aircraft on final while doing their business.

I’m not a mind reader, don’t ask me.

Modern. I’m obsessed with new technology and new things.

Wake up at 6:30am, eat breakfast, go to Zoom school from 8:30am-3pm, go outside, maybe get a workout in, eat dinner, watch sports, get a flight going or control for a bit, go to sleep at 9-9:30pm.

Schedule’s a bit different during the weekends and holidays, I control a lot more and do a bit more Infinite Flight stuff.

Weather is pretty much great the whole year, it gets a bit chilly in the winters, with the occasional rain here and there, and perhaps a rare appearance of hail (maybe once every two years). It’s great living here (except it’s a bit expensive). As for the fires, it was very smokey early last week, but it’s been clearing up lately, so the air quality is better. Usually, it doesn’t get smokey in my area, but these recent fires have been brutal.

Durian. Sorry Singaporeans.

Whatever the featured region is.

It’s comfortable, not too hot, not too cold. It’s warm enough to the point where I can still wear shorts, which I consider to be comfortable.

Haven’t really been affected by the fires, the air quality isn’t great and it’s been raining ashes, but that’s really it. No evacuations or problems that my family and I have to worry about.

Thanks for checking it out! Be sure to tune in next time!


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.







You can tell us 4 are good friends 😂

Hello there fellow brotherine!


Good man… 👍

We should meet each other and say ‘Hi how are you’ then look on the IFC on our phones because in person we can’t think of anything more to say. 😂


Bet lol I’m planning to come back this winter and of course ima buy you in n out my guy

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Thanks for answering my questions, @Thunderbolt! 😄

Plus, I never knew how you got your name Thunderbolt, until now. Really interesting story! And it’s cool you’re writing a book!

Ah, so Monty and Milo are fellow plane spotters. Good to know! 👍🏻

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I also have regrets I want to change. I’ve done weird things before…

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You gotta know my order, though…

What’s my order (I’ve told you this before, come on…)?

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You’ve never told me your order lmao

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This was me and @Speedyyy haha


Double double with no tomato, no onion, sauce on the side (soggy bun = ew no), fries, and vanilla milkshake.

Oh yeah, and extra toast on the buns.


That’s an understatement, he will go ballistic at times. Anyways great self interview.

Double double with no onion and a coke :p

Gotta love some baseball, right Matto?

Ah, yes.

Reasons why I go ballistic:

  1. Incompetent pilots on the expert server
  2. Angels losing
  3. Miscellaneous

Aw, that’s cute. Lol. Thanks for being a good friend as well.

facts 😂

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Hey all!

This will be the last IFCI Interview for a while as we close for a period of time to rework and redevelop IFCI. I hope you all enjoyed this interview and we will be back soon to give you more interviews


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