IFCI - Interview With @Starley


Welcome back to another IFCI question thread for @Starley

This thread is for community members to submit some interesting and
engaging questions about his IF, IFC, IRL experiences etc for Starley to answer!

Interview Process
  1. Permission - We alert the candidate of their nomination and seek permission to continue.
  2. Open a Question Topic - We will start a thread where the IFC get to suggest questions that we may ask you during be interview!
  3. Conduct the Interview - Two options; receive the questions 1 at a time or receive a questionnaire style form to complete in its entirety.
  4. Publish! Give the IFC the answers they have been waiting for, and some answers they probably weren’t expecting

-Request an interview
-IFCI Thread
-IFCI Website

Have fun asking some good and unique questions!

The IFCI Team


What’s your dream feature that you would like to see added to Infinite Flight?

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How happy did you get when you were asked to become a beta tester for Infinite Flight? #AndriodsSuck 🤷🏼‍♂️


Hi Starley!

  • What is it like to be a Beta Tester for IF?

  • Why is Android better than Apple in your opinion?

  • What hobbies/jobs do you have outside of IF?

  • What is your favorite plane to fly in Infinite Flight?

How long could you spend arguing with me that apple is worse?

Why/how do you know so much about android? What is your background with android?

Starley my man.What changes did you have to make prior to becomeing a Beta tester?

How happy are you when you see one of my dms lighting up your inbox about the next blugames stream?

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Lol i did one of these many months ago with starley

We need just a few more questions! Keep them coming. (:

What is the best part of flying for you in your case?

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