IFCI Interview with @SkysTheLimit87!

Interview with @SkysTheLimit87

Interview Summary:
Welcome to the 4th and final stage of the interview for Sky! This is where all the weird and odd questions that you have asked, comes into play!

Now to the Interview with SkysTheLimit87!

@Delta767’s Question - What’s your favorite airline snack? Example: Biscoff Delta cookies, Southwest peanuts, etc.?
My favorite airline snack is probably, Biscoff cookies!!! They are so tasty and I have them whenever I can!

@Gman’s Question - 3 reasons why John F Kennedy is your favorite airport
Terminal 5, the great variety of aircraft and the great spotting locations

@anon41771314’s Question - How old were you when you fell in love with aviation?
I was nine years old, that’s when it all started

@Dylan_M’s Question - Why do Corgis make you happy? Does that mean your best friend could be @Corgi?
Look at a corgi, and tell me you can’t be happy looking at it, it’s the cutest thing ever and It loves people. Yes, @Corgi has immediate best friend status because of his profile pic and his name

@EthanT2’s Question - What is your favorite airline and livery in IF?
My favorite airline in IF is probably Delta, and my favorite all-time Livery is the IF dark livery on the TBM930

@callum5124 How did you come to the community.
I came to the community while googling about IF, and I found this random thread, I can’t remember it but I was hooked on reading it, and joined soon after

@Plane-Train-TV’s Question - Is the sky really the limit?
Tenichally yes, humans can’t breathe without assistance past 13000 feet of altitude, but with the proper equipment the sky is not the limit.

@Luke_Sta’s Question - Where is your favorite airport?
Either JFK or LGB, if your count visited airports. If you want airports I haven’t been to, probably ATL

@SouthernDude’s Question - What are some hobbies you have other than aviation?
My favorite hobbies other than aviation have to be photography and technology. I love researching about tech, and then applying it! I love going out and taking photos of whatever I can find.

@KaiM’s Question - If the sky is the limit, what defines sky; the infinite area that is the universe, or the earth’s atmosphere. If it is the latter, then how do astronauts go to space?
The Sky is the limit because according to all known laws of gravity, humans can’t fly without another force acting on them, therefore humans can’t reasonably reach the sky by themselves, however, they may experience the same effects as being in the sky. It is defined as the earth atmosphere up to 50 Miles, and astronauts reach space using a “mega plane” to achieve orbit.

Yes yes Neil deGrasse Tyson we get it there is an entire 4-hour speech about what is earth etc - Connor

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Thanks for the interview!!!

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