IFCI interview with @schyllberg

I would like to apologize for the closeness together of @schyllberg’s and @Tyler_Shelton’s interviews, bad timing on our end

Hello IFC! Today, we interview @schyllberg! He was a great guy to interview and just nice all around.

Question 1
What is your least favorite category on the forum? Asks @Trio
Hm… how to answer this without triggering someone?
In all seriousness, before I became a moderator I had #live:events #features and #live:va muted.
Mostly because I don’t really have the time to participate in either events or VA’s. And #features is just too cluttered.
But now, I’d say #features. Basically for the reason above. Almost ironic since I do quite a lot of moderating in there…

Question 2
What’s your least favorite thing about being a mod? asks @RedBulbBlueBlood9911
IssuesI can’t resolve. I absolutely hate leaving things unresolved. It could be in #support or some kind of personal issues for a user and so on.
I know all of us try our very best, but there are just some things that aren’t possible for different reasons.
My wife would say that it takes up too much of my time… Lol.

Question 3
Do you have any unforgettable moments while being a member in here? Asks @George
The Global release. I’ve been around this forum since October 2015, and I’ve never seen the forum more active than it was during those days. It was complete chaos. It was fun and hell at the same time.

Question 4
When are you coming to the United States? asks @Levet
Haha. Who knows? Maybe later this year… Nothing planned yet :)

Question 5
How do you feel about the Aussie Kiwi Community asks @Connor_Seymour
Is that what AKC stands for? Haha, can’t believe i didn’t figure that out myself.
How do i feel? Imagine being slapped in the face with a piano by 15+ tiny clowns. That’s probably the most accurate description. You guys are nuts.

Question 6
Which is your favorite airliner that flies to Stockholm Arlanda? Asks @Captain_JR
I have to answer SAS, everything else would be wrong.
Other than that, Norwegian. Just look at that livery! It’s a beauty!

Question 7
On a scale of 1-10, how much do you like your position in the community? Asks Lufthansa2
10, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this

Question 8
How did you take your profile pic? Asks @Delta350
I didn’t :)
It was my wife that did when we were on my dad’s boat last summer.

Question 9
Do you like Swedish fish? Asks @Delta_Alpha_Lima
What’s that? I mean, a fish is a fish. Do we have a special fish here or something I’ve missed?
Anyway, I eat it… but I’m not a big fan of fish in general :)

Question 10
What is the best feature request you have gotten? Asks AviationReport
I may be biased here… but @Chris_S request regarding a more detailed logbook containing information such as violation and ghosts details was one of the best.
We haven’t been able to fully appreciate it’s effect yet as the feature is really new. But now that people can see those details it will surely make our job a whole lot easier :)

Once Again thanks for reading. See you next time!


I’ll take the blame. The questions were sent on update date so I was slow on it! Great to see Seb in the hot seat. 🙂


Great interview even though I already saw it

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Haha thanks @schyllberg we love you

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Love what he said about AKC! XD Extremely accurate.

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@Josh and @Air_New_Zealand08 AKC? you mean American kennel club? Well ok… Great interview! Absolutely cool to find out about Schyllberg


Not quite @Daniel14 😂


I have to agree on this one!
Great interview!

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Round of applause for @schyllberg


And that’s when I learned that it’s possible to mute categories. It just took me 3 years.

Triggered, just kidding. Appreciate the honesty in the answer.

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Yep, very accurate. My inbox is blown up everyday.

@schyllberg surprised you’ve never heard of these. They sell them at IKEA so that must mean it’s legit Swedish. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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We have them. But it’s not exactly marketed as “Swedish fish” over here. Lol.

That’s just standard candyfish. Nothing special. Lol.


@schyllberg You were on a boat?? I thought you were on a Safari tour or something. Lol

Those are “Swedish Fish”? And they sell them at IKEA? How come i’ve never seen them before…, that’s odd?
Gotta go on a fish hunt next time i’m there, although i don’t like candy…

Ohh I see the boat now

Swedish fish are so gooooood one of my fav candies lol

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