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IFCI Answer Thread with @Sashaz55

Hello and Welcome to the Answer Thread for @Sashaz55! We’ve picked out 15 of the best questions you asked us to ask our interviewee.


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#1 by @dca.iad.aviation, Where does the 55 come from in Sashaz55?

That’s a good question! Believe it or not I didn’t make, it. Apple autocorrect did! I was just typing out my name and instead of Sasha, I got “Sashaz55” I don’t know why I stuck with it, but I did. It’s been my username in everything, ever since.

#2 by @AlphaWings, What is your favorite aircraft?

In real life I would have to say the 777 or the A320. They are just a pleasure to ride in. In game it would have to be the Q400/Dash 8. I find it super easy and super fun to fly that guy. I just wish we had more twin props in the game. I’m especially hoping we get the Twin Otter.

#3 by @Ondrej, What’s the best part about being IFATC?

When I first became a controller I thought it was about being able to Ghost and actually take control of people who didn’t listen to my commands. Upon growing as a controller I realized it was the pleasure of seeing aircraft get down to the ground safely and not have people crash into each other. I also love being able to go to Training sessions. I go to 2 or 3 a day. It’s definitely not as much as @ThomasR but I’m getting there.

#4 by @snoman, Where do you come up with event ideas for Plane and Pilot, and what your favorite one so far?

For pattern events we follow Tyler’s ATC Schedule it decides the region that the pattern event would be at, and then I pick a specific airport. For primary events I mostly listen to the bossman, AKA @PlaneCrazy. But I also have a few of my own ideas. My favorite so far has been the Tioman Landing Comp. That was a very fun event to watch!

#5 by @TransportForLife, What do you find most interesting about being a Pattern Event Manager?

I think I know the answer to this one but I’m not sure. It’s either keeping people entertained on a Saturday at 10 AM or it’s the joy of people who attend having fun. I always hope to lift your mood with these events 😉

#6 by @MJP_27, How did you discover Plane and Pilot and when did you start playing Infinite Flight?

I started playing Infinite Flight back in 2017. I only found the IFC in January of 2019. I found Plane And Pilot from pattern events and their ATC Program. It’s kinda weird that I’ve now accomplished the 2 goals I made when I joined the IFC. Work at Plane And Pilot and become an IFATC Controller.

#7 by @Infinite_Pilot1, What self made route would you recommend?
I love to fly KEYW to MYEH. It’s about an hour long and it’s gorgeous! Try it in the CRJ-200.

#8 by @Dylan_M, How did you get interested in aviation?

This is a question I don’t really know how to answer. The short answer is that I don’t really know! For some reason I’ve just always been draw to it and loved seeing planes fly or going to the airport. I’ve only learned so much about Aviation because of Infinite Flight and the IFC.

#9 by @Infinite_Qantas, **Do you like Donuts? If so do you like Donut Pizza too?

I love Donuts! I don’t know if I would like Donut Pizza. I would tell you if I ever tried it!

#10 by @Highlander24, Whats your longest time sitting as IFATC?

I believe it was my first day, I was controlling for about 3 hours at KEYW. I otherwise don’t have the time for long term controlling. I hope to do some longer sessions some time this summer. It just gets stressful going for awhile with zero breaks and zero room for error.

#11 by @Ecoops123, What’s the worst thing of having to work alongside me on another community 😂😜

Hmm, good question. Maybe that you always beat me to closing topics? I have to work on that one. It’s great to work alongside you, thanks for your time as a member and eventually becoming a mod.

#12 by @Tsumia, What is a region in IF you believe is underrated and that more people should know about?

@PlaneCrazy has introduced me to Montana. It’s a great place to fly and you should really try it out in the 172 or the Xcub! I would also recommend flying around KTEX. It’s super fun and pretty difficult.

#13 by @Saharsh, Was it stressful controlling YSSY 20ish mins ago when there was no approach also how do you stay calm under pressure

As of writing this that was 8 days ago, but I do remember it. It was a long hour let’s just say that. Remembering who has pattern entry’s and who has sequences is a nightmare to keep track of. On top of that you have to manage intersecting runways as well as runway crossings. On top of that you have 8 aircraft waiting for takeoff. It was stressful but fun. For advice on staying calm I would make sure to have a glass of water next to you and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

#14 by @anon79257371, Which airport have you found most enjoyable to work on while at IFAET?

Kenai Airport in Alaska has been really fun to work on. It’s the perfect size and has just been a really fun experience to edit it. It should be in the next update.

#15 by @PilotDog Now that you’ve been on the IFC for over a year, what is something that you will never forget since you first came here?

It’s gotta be the friends that I’ve made from being here. I’m so thankful for everyone that has helped me along the way. Thank you everyone for being here!

Thanks for checking it out! Be sure to tune in on Monday for the next Question Thread. Bye!

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Thanks @Thunderbolt for this topic. Also thanks to @Sashaz55 for answering all the questions. They were interesting to read :)

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It was a pleasure answering all of the questions! 😊


Very interesting read! It’s great to know and work with you, @Sashaz55!

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I was not expecting this lol. I wasn’t looking for a specific answer, but this was more unexpected than what was unexpected. Very interesting how autocorrect did that.

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