IFCI Interview with RTG113

Interview with @RTG113

Description of the Process
Welcome to the final stage of one of our favorite IFATC Trainers Rocco. We asked him if we could interview him about a month ago and he was glad to say yes to get interviewed. We then proceeded to post the Qustion Thread Monday. You guys from the community asked some awesome questions and I think you now will have a great idea of @RTG113

Now to the Questions

@MrMrMan Question

Hey Rocco What is your favorite part about being an IFATC Trainer and what do you enjoy most about training aspiring controllers including myself?

Probably my favorite part about being a trainer is getting to see people with limited ATC knowledge grow and develop in their skills, and eventually become part of IFATC. It makes me feel good knowing I helped them develop

@Adam_Macaulay Question

What is your favorite aircraft, what aircraft would you like to see in IF or IF improve?

In IF - my favorite aircraft is the A320. Smooth ride and comfortable landings.
IRL - my favorite aircraft is either the 737 MAX or 747-400.
I’d like to see realistic weather conditions get added into Infinite Flight. I’d like to see Infinite Flight improve on their transparency - which they have been doing and I respect that.

@Nate_Schneller Question

Who will be the next guy who earns the “Top Crasher” title? (Well, it was first Joshy, then Tom, then You… who else)

Probably @Dylan_Bright. I have plenty of crash screenshots of him

@Levet Question

If you could learn to land one aircraft without damaging a wing or landing gear which one would be first?
  1. For some odd reason I am horrible at landing that - all over the place!


1.What was it that sparked your interest in aviation?

I am not really sure to be honest. Probably nothing in particular - just seeing planes in movies and in person.

2.What other hobbies do you have besides aviation?

Some of my hobbies are sports and house design. I don’t play on any sports teams, I like to play for fun.

@BluePanda900 Question

1. Do you have a life outside of IF other than sending me strange insta posts?

Yes, I do. Do you have a life outside of IF other than messaging me to get to school when I’m already there?

2.How often does Tom dm you?Wake Up Kid You Missed A Great Flight

@anon66442947 DMs me frequently. Wether sending a picture of a burger he had for lunch his car going through the car wash 3 times a week teasing me whenever the Steelers loose and the Cowboys win etc He DMs me to wake up almost every day

@Kyle_Green Question

Hey Rocco, do you enjoy controlling tower/ground/ATIS or approach/departure more?

I enjoy controlling approach more. It’s great when you have a plan at a busy airspace. You get to organize people into nice approach patterns. If I’m not controlling a busy airspace I generally give people the approach they want, as long as it doesn’t conflict with other planes. However, I always have a plan in mind, because you never know when it could get really busy really fast.

@Adam_Williams Question

1.What’s so special about the Dominican republic and why do you travel there so often?

I love the Dominican Republic. I have a lot of family there that I love very much. Fun fact - my grandmother was the first person in my whole extended family to immigrate to the United States. She lives in South Florida - hence why I go down there frequently. I don’t travel to the Dominican Republic often, I’ve only been there once. Although I would love to go many more times. I’ve only been to Santo Domingo, the capital city where my family lives. I’d love to go to Punta Cana soon!

2.Why do you like southwest airlines so much?

Southwest is the best, and JetBlue is a not-far-behind second. Their customer service is unparalleled. In my 12 times of flying with them, I have yet to have an issue.

@anon7075715 Question

1.If you could be a professional in one sport you don’t already do, what would it be?

Probably baseball, although I can’t catch for my life lol. I’d go with MURICAN football, but you run the risk of getting a huge injury.

2.What is your favorite season and/or holiday?

My favorite season is summer, but my favorite part of the year is the holiday season. Christmas is easily my favorite holiday. Nothing beats the holiday season vibe, and relaxing by the fireplace and Christmas tree with Christmas music playing in the background, decorations up everywhere, and a hot cup of hot chocolate in your hand.

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@RTG113 prove it. I grease 100% of the time. Ask anyone but yourself. 😡


😡😡 yes actually I do. Also GET TO SCHOOL 😡.


So should I be SCARED that @anon66442947 waved at me this morning on FB? 😳


Pretty cool post, nice to see something different from the million livery requests every day

Great interview! Thanks for featuring my question. :)

This so weird. It’s like one of the easiest one we have in my opinion ;)


He’s a awesome ATC and a great helper! Really appreciate for his help! >_^

Woah… i finally found someone that lives near me! @RTG113

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