IFCI Interview with @QantasAviator!

Hello IFC! Today I had the honor of interviewing @QantasAviator, my dear friend, so let’s get to the interview, shall we?

1. Who is your favorite moderator? - Submitted by @anon88794458
I’m gotta say @DeerCrusher and @anon88794458 Absolute legends of our community.

2. How has IF changed you as a person and Aviation geek? - Submitted by @AviationReports
Well ever since I joined the community, I’ve learned a lot more about aviation. It was at that time I don’t even know Bombardier exsisted🤦‍♂️ This community is such a great place with a lot of kind and awesome people!

3. What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on IF live? (other than KNUC TS1) - Submitted by @Delta319
Back before global when I still grade 2. I was at KLAX on Ts1 and suddenly an Emirates A380 comes smashing right through me, at the gate. It was then I realized I couldn’t wait to access Expert! 😂😂

4. You are stuck in a room with only 3 ways out, If you go out the first way you have to go in a barrel over Horseshoe falls in Canada.
The second way you have to fight off 3 Ninjas with only a stick of bamboo.
The last way you have to skydive in a cyclone (hurricane) without a parachute.
- This annoyingly long question was submitted by @Oli_H
Probably the Ninjas, you could just bribe them with the bamboo 🤣

5. How did you find Infinite Flight? What brought you to join the community? - Submitted by @Thomas
11 year old me was scrolling through the App Store and found the pre-global version. I’ve played it since 2014 but only really got into the online part in 2016. Oh and then I discovered this place by scrolling through FDS’ website. That was 2017, and I’ve met some really amazing people on here. Y’all know who you are ;)

6. What are your top three aircraft in Infinite Flight? - Submitted by @Marshall_J
Ahhh, top 3
I’d say the A320 family first and then the Q400. 737 would be my last. It really needs an update.

7. Why did you choose the name Qantas Aviator as your username. What inspired you? - Submitted by @Adam
I really don’t know. I just like Qantas and wanted an original name! But nothing really inspired me, I just wanted to be different.

8. How have you changed as a person by being on the IFC? - Submitted by @Connor
No, not really. I’ve definitely gained more knowledge of aviation but as a person not really.

Last but not least 9. What do you think of Air New Zealand, and their involvement in Ansett Australia? - Submitted by @Matthew
To be honest, Ansett just wasn’t viable. It had too many problems and those were not all caused by Air New Zealand. The overpaid staff and aging and too varied fleet were big things that caused Ansett’s downfall

Sorry for the lack of questions, its due to the dropping numbers of questions submitted, but I hoped you enjoyed today’s interview, and follow the links below for all of our stuff!

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Good Finley, very good.


I’m obviously very smart


Let’s be honest, you wanted to choose @DeerCrusher but felt bad because I asked the question so you added me aswell. :P

I’ll remember this ;)


I don’t know weather to feel threatened or worried


Probably both, you should be terrified

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Well, guess who caused that? The fleet hadn’t received any overhauls in decades before its demise.
Nice interview.

Lol calm down Ed😂😂 it’s gone now anyway.

Also I might be able to visit the old Ansett lounge when I go to Hamilton Island Airport - Ansett built it!

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I think it was more positive then negative


Awesome interview @QantasAviator!

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Me, Me, and Me. 🤣

I forgot to ask this in the question thread, but have you met the amazing @anon88794458 IRL?


He’s obviously referring to me the king mongoose

Nope. I haven’t, @anon88794458 needs to host a party. I’ll bring the bunnings Snags. 😂😂👍


Good interview, as always guys. I do want to be interviewed though. Anyways, great job!

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Well let’s see if someone submits you!

Okay! I do hope someone does though!

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