IFCI - Interview with Qantas094!

IFCI Answer Thread with @Qantas094

Hello and Welcome to the Answer Thread for @Qantas094! We’ve picked out 13 of the best questions you asked us to ask our interviewee.


-The IFCI team

Q1. @BennyBoy_Alpha asked;
How did you discover Infinite Flight?

I actually don’t really 100% remember. I do remember seeing one of the trailers and just fell in love with it, I would watch the trailer over, and over again, the song matched it perfectly. I ended up eventually buying it on my crappy old Samsung Tablet back in 2013 or 2014.

Q2. @Luke_King-Kong asked;
If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why would you go?

Paris, France…period. I would go to Paris because I absolutely love Paris, and well I have some major things planned that I hopefully get to-do in Paris one-day in Paris.

Q3. @Dca.iad.aviation asked;
Will you and Kenna ever get together? Also what is your favorite livery on an aircraft with a live cockpit?

Part 1 : Will Kenna and I ever get together? Short answer…maybe, currently it is looking likely but nothing I can confirm, it’s been almost 17-months since I started liking her and it’s still counting.

Part 2 : What is your favourite livery on an aircraft with a live cockpit? Probably the Airbus Carbon livery on the Airbus A350, I honestly have quite a few favourites so it’s hard to decide.

Q4. @Mattheus asked;
What is your favorite agrigate accessory fruit?

My favourite aggregate fruit to be the humble raspberry.

Q5. @SunDown asked;
Which is your biggest achievement within IF? and what is a Goal you would like to achieve in the Future?

Part 1 : Which is your biggest achievement within IF? My biggest achievement is probably making it to grade 5 without any violations or ghosts.

Part 2 : I’m assuming you mean for real-life, if so, successfully complete year 12 and go onto university to become an airline pilot.

Q6. @Alec asked;
I want to start flying in Australia more, are there any cool unknown routes we should now about?

I can’t think of any to be honest as everywhere in Australia is cool.

Q7. @Connor asked;
Who created the Pavlova, New Zealand or Australia?

Australia… period.

Q8. @Aviator_Ace asked;
Without COVID-19 what is one thing you’d be doing right now that you can’t anymore?

No too sure to be honest, I used to stay home a lot prior to Corona so it isn’t too much of a change.

Q9. @Oli_H asked;
On a scale from Mongoose to Seb’s beard, how much do you respect the shenanigans in the AKC?

To be honest I enjoy them, they are pretty entertaining and they do make my laugh all the time. So, final answer, Seb’s Beard.

Q10. @Ecoops123 asked;
Have you seen a wild Kangaroo? I don’t know much about wildlife in Australia lol.

Ah yeah, there was actually a family of Kangaroos just casually jumping around my backyard earlier, I see ‘em all the time down here.

Q11. @Pertonics asked;
If you could be a pilot for any airline besides Qantas what would it be?

Ah that’s a tough one, Jetstar or Virgin Australia definitely for within Australia but outside of Australia it would probably be British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, or one of those bigger airlines in Europe.

Q12. @Ishrion asked;
What airline should fly to Melbourne that isn’t already flying there? (Ignoring COVID-19)

Ah I actually don’t know to be honest, wouldn’t mind seeing British Airways, Delta, or American Airlines flying into Melbourne.

Q13. @Choccymilk asked;
Do you think the 787 is a good replacement for the 747? As a fellow Qantas fan

I think it’s a pretty good replacement for Boeing 747, I still obviously prefer the Airbus A350 over the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Thanks for checking it out! Be sure to tune in next week for the next Question Thread. Bye!

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finally. @Qantas094 so lazy to answer.

also answer my questions Makenna094 😡

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Fruit. Lots of fruit.

I am glad to see that someone appreciates the mighty raspberry as much as I do! Truly one of the greatest fruits!


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I thought this interview was supposed to be the truth only?

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