IFCI - Interview with Porter Virtual CEO,@MisterButler!

Hello IFC!

First off, I would just like to apologize on my behalf for taking longer then expected to get this interview out. I’m currently in the process of moving across the Country.

But, without further a due, here are the best 10 Questions from our initial thread! - IFCI - Ask questions for Porter Virtual CEO, @MisterButler!

Take care everyone! And I can’t wait to talk to you all again! ;)

Question #1 by @Nate_Schneller

How do you make those fancy designs?


Well, I try to make my designs minimalist and modern. It all began when a friend of mine started using special apps and stuff to create extra modern and cool airline logos. I was jealous, and I honestly thought I could do the same, so I went on apps like ‘Word’ to make myself some. Over time, my skills got better and better, and here we are today. In short: I use Keynote for iPad…

Question #2 by @Delta_Alpha_Lima

Are you actually living in Malaysia or are you living in Canada
enjoying Porter aircraft flying all around you?


Well, I live in Russia AND Malaysia, but not Canada. Canada is one of my favourite countries, and Porter really intrigues me. I kinda wish I was in Canada tho, awesome place from what it seems.

Question 3 by @AllegiantAir

Why make a VA about a smaller Canadian VA that you
don’t know much about, over an Airline that you know a lot about?  


Well, I really love the Dash 8 Q400, and Porter itself too. I did some research on the airline to get myself familiar with it, and yeah. I felt that a quality VA with a small fleet and small community would be easier to manage than a big VA. There’s no other airline that I know so much about, not even Malaysian or Air Asia.

Question 4 by @TheCoolPilot

Do you have any plans to expand Porter Virtual and 
its operations as well as pilot count?


Well, we’re a small VA based on a small airline. It’s really hard to expand operations and member counts when not much is going on, as most pilots prefer the big names and ignore the small ones. We have struggled in the past with pilot numbers and activity, but much of that has been solved. Of course I do have plans, but we’ll see how it works out.

Question 5 by @Connor

How has the IFC changed you as a person?


I’ve become less of an online idiot, basically. In real life, I’m still an idiot tho. Not exactly sure about how it’s changed me as a person, but yeah.

Question 6 by @rileymoyer

What position do you play in soccer?


Soccer? What’s that?

Jk, I play as a goalkeeper in football (soccer). Originally I wanted to be a midfielder, but at that time I was just bad. I had no speed, stamina and skills whatsoever, so I just get chucked in goal every time I wanted to play. From there, I slowly started to develop an interest in goalkeeping, and eventually took on the position seriously and trained myself to be a decent shot stopper. Most people think that goalkeeping is easy and the position is very much looked over/abused. But trust me, saving balls arriving at the speed of over 70 km/h is not the easiest thing to do.

Question 7 by @Delta319

What got you interested in aviation?


AHHH, aviation. It all began when my mom and my uncle (I think) brought me to this random place full of helicopters and old planes. I was absolutely fascinated at everything, especially the cockpits. From there, my interest to planes began. My grandparents would also often bring me to the airport (WBGG), and I would look outside to spot some planes. My mom travelled within Malaysia a lot, so that’s why. My family bought tons of model airplanes for me, and my friends loved downloading flight sim apps and pretending they know so much. My whole life has pretty much been influenced by aviation.

Question 8 by @Captain_JR

Who is your favorite football player?


Well, this is actually one of the harder questions on the list. Because I’m a goalkeeper, I really like Manuel Neuer because of his style of play and just how freaking good he is. I don’t really have a favourite player, but I have favourites. The list includes: Neuer, Casillas, Buffon, Bürki, Lloris, Donnaruma, etc.

Question 9 by @Josh

Do you enjoy the position you have at Porter?
What’s your favourite part about your job? 


Of course I enjoy my position at Porter! My favourite part is being able to turn my VA into a dictatorship and make every pilot my slave MUHAHAHA!

That’s not true. My favourite part of my job is helping the virtual airline grow and making sure everything runs smoothly. I like getting to know new members, and also being very annoying during our Photo Pro contest.

Question 10 by @Balloonchaser

Why do you bump your Virtual Airlines Thread continuously… 
Do you actually receive more pilots because 
it’s always at the top of the feed?


For some people, they would never understand the struggles of managing a tiny VA with a one aircraft fleet. It’s hard for us to grow, and most of the time many people don’t actually notice us, so I bump our thread at times to get more views. I don’t know if pilots actually join because of that, but we sure did get more views on our thread as compared to when I didn’t bump it. Maybe check us out? #notadvertising

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