IFCI Interview with @PlaneCrazy

Hello IFC!
We are yet again, back with another Interview, this time with @PlaneCrazy!
Thank you to everyone who submitted questions. It was a hard pick.
Enjoy the Interview everyone!

Question 1 asked by: @Bigbert10

Did you know your name, PlaneCrazy, is a little joke/meme?

I had no idea when I first created it, I was just trying to think of a good name that suited me well. It wasn’t untill a few months after I joined that someone pointed it out to me.

Question 2 asked by: @Connor

How have you changed as a person by being on the IFC?

Yes, I have. I think my communication skills and my ability to participate in good conversations have improved a lot. There are also many amazing people on here that have influenced me to be a better, more mature person. Finally, my interest and knowledge in aviation has grown massively since I joined this form, so much that I use almost all of my free time for aviation related activities.

Question 3 asked by: @Wattsup_jet

Are you looking to continue to pursue a life of aviation or is it just a side hobby?

Definitely! Since I was 7 years old, I’ve been wanting to get a degree in either mechanical or aeronautical engineering and then hopefully get a job at Boeing or another commercial aircraft maker.

Question 4 asked by: @dush19

Are you crazy about planes?

Yes, I am! How did you figure that out, Dush???

Question 5 asked by: @N1RG

If you could change one thing about the IFC, what would it be?

I honestly can’t think of anything. Our amazing admins have made all of the rights calls to make this community a great place. This is the best social media platform I’ve ever seen, and I want to thank everyone here for making it that way.

Question 6 asked by: @Air_New_Zealand08

What’s your favorite food? 😋

I have always had a huge obsession for pancakes (that’s #2 after aviation, jk).

Question 7 asked by: @BobbyRobert

I’m just gonna keep asking this question; Airbus 320 vs Boeing 737 vs Bombardier CSeries vs Embraer EMB-E2

It’s between the C Series and the 737 for me, but I would say the 737. It’s so reliable and efficient, and Boeing keeps making it better. No wonder it is the only commercial aircraft to have been in full production for over 50 years!

Question 8 asked by: @CR3W

If you could make any Airline, what would the name be, and what 3 planes would be in service?

I would have a small domestic airline called Rocky Mountain Jetline that would operate out of different tourist destinations in the North Western U.S. The fleet would probably consist of several variants of CRJs and 737MAXs.

Question 9 asked by: @jakevaz423

How is it to manage P&P? How much work goes into it?

It’s a lot of fun! I get to meet new people almost every week, and then create something for them. I’ve learned all kinds of things while working with Plane & Pilot, like how to manage an organization and keep it running, how to create digital graphics, and how to manage different social media platforms. It is a lot of work, I probably spend about 5-6 hours a week running it, but our amazing and dedicated staff make it so much easier.

Question 10/11 asked by: @Nicolas_Betancourt & @jakevaz423

Do you have any editing jobs or anything relelated to that?
Any other non-aviation related hobbies?

Some of my favorite hobbies are movie making, photo editing, drawing, downhill skiing, and water skiing.

That’s it for this IFCI!

Again, I want to thank @Connor for giving me this Interviewer position and giving me the opportunity to Interview PlaneCrazy! It was fun :D

Thank you to everyone who participated, and if your question(s) didn’t get answered, don’t worry! We have many more IFCI on the way!

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Take care!


Great interview! Very interesting. :)


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