IFCI Interview with @Plane-Train-TV

Interview with @Plane-Train-TV

Interview Summary:
Welcome to the 4th and final stage of the interview for Mr.Plane. We started almost a month ago when IFCi first opened and I got right to asking him if we could interview him and he said yea. This was my first interview with IFCI 3.0 and it was a lot of fun to work with someone I have known for a while on the IFCI

Now to the Interview with PTTV

@Darpan Question:

Best Friendships created through the IFC?

I have made so many friends in this community it is unbelievable. I am so happy to call all these people my friends on IFC:


This Guy:

All these people are amazing people who have made my IFC experience even better and I am so happy to have met them all. If you want to become friends, fell free to PM me if you would like to talk (:

@SimpleWaffles Question:

What is your favorite sport to play or watch?

My favorite sport is soccer by far. I have always enjoyed soccer since I was a little boy. When I was in junior high school I played club soccer but never chose to pursue soccer in high school. I actually run cross country in high school. I enjoy cross country a lot and I encourage everyone to do it. My favorite sports team is DC United, who just recently have qualified for the 2018 MLS Cup Playoffs. And to make things clear, I have been a Black and Red fan for a long time (years).

@Pilot_urp Question:

How much and what have u learned through IF and the IFC?

I have learned so much from this community it is unbelievable. It would be impossible to list everything that I have learned. Everything I have learned has helped me become a lot more knowledgeable in the aviation field and on Infinite Flight. Now as I am a Regular here on IFC, I can teach our new members the same things you guys have taught me! Thank you to everyone! You all make this community so special. That is what makes us one! That is why we are one of the best communities out there. Because of you guys. Let’s keep up the amazing work!

@Luke_Sta Question:

How did you find Infinite Flight (Or how did it find you?😉)

This is actually quite a funny story. Back when I had a Amazon Kindle I used to download tons of “rip-off” flight simulator games. One day I searched the Amazon App Store for flight simulator that had the Southwest 737 in it. And there it was. The rest is history after that

@Kamryn Question:

What’s your Favorite Route and Aircraft in If?

My favorite route on Infinite Flight is very special to me because I fly the exact same route every year during the summer season. It has to be KBWI-KPBI in a Southwest 737-700. Like I said before, I have flown this route in real life at least 15 times in my life span. The average flight time is around 2 hours and the scenery is beautiful when you reach Florida. If you want to fly the route with me, just PM me!

@natedog508 Question

What inspired you to pursue a passion for aviation?

Nothing has really inspired me to have a passion in aviation. I was born loving Aviation. I have always believed that you have to be born loving aviaton to like it. It is really hard to just start liking airplanes out of the blue. I have always gotten extremely excited when I was younger hours before a flight and maintained that excitement until we left the airport at our destination. I think that is what has kept me enjoying aviation. Just the excitement of flying in general. Liking aviation is something very special and you should cherish that everyday. Inspirational moment of the day: As I am in high school, I have made tons of friends that I am so grateful to have around me everyday. But one person will always stand out for me. His name is Joe and he is the all-star Varsity football player at our school. We became friends (mostly because I am extremely athletic) and talked a lot. He came up to me once and told me that he heard that I love Aviation. I responded “yeah, kind of.” I was trying to act cool and all that weird stuff that people do but his response to that was amazing. He said “Don’t try to hide that you like Aviation because you want to act cool. I want you to realize something. You like something that most people in the world hate. That is very special. That is what makes you special. That is what makes you stand out fro everyone else in this school. So cherish that. Don’t hide it. Don’t try to cover it up by only talking about cross country and soccer. If someone picks on you about what you like then shame on them. That means they have nothing special about them. All I’m trying to say is that you are a special human being that the world deserves to know about. So tell the world about you. What you like and why. They deserve to hear how special you are.”

@Dubya Question:

If you could only pick 1: planes, trains, or TV, which would it be?

Here is the question every single IFC member has been waiting for! And I have a answer! If I hade to pick one of the three, it would have to be Planes! I have always loved Aviation and trains but personally I think Aviation has a slight lead because of this community! Know you know what I the most of the three. But do you know where the name came from? It actually is my YouTube channel’s name. I created the YouTube channel about a year before this account (which would make the account 2 years old) and me being me two years ago I could come up with a better name. My YouTube channel has a mixture of Planes and Trains so that is where the name comes from if you were wondering

@The_Geniusman Question:

Do you think the train spotting community is as good as the plane spotting community?

Personally, no, not really. Nothing really happenes in the railroad community. Mostly because the community is made up of retired workers who have the love for railroading. But that does not make that community bad. I love going train spotting with them because that are all so nice and know so much knowledge about railroading it is pretty remarkable. Both communities are different, but I still think Aviation has a better community

@HiFlyer Question:

Where would you like to see new service out of BWI?

I would personally love to see another European airline start service out of Baltimore. Im thinking Air France, KLM, or Norwegian. I would also like to see connections to South America. São Paulo or Panama City would be nice destinations. Lastly, I would like to see Westjet start service to BWI from Vancouver and Calgary. I think BWI would grow even more with any of these destinations. Here is my mini list:

Air France: B789 to LFPG
KLM: B789 to EHAM
Norwegian: B789 to LEMD or ENGM
Copa Airlines: B738 to MPTO
Westjet: B738 to CYVR or CYYC

@BigBert10 Question:

What inspired you to make such great fill-up events at small or underserved airports?

My main goal was to get the IFC out to airports they may have never been to before or even heard of before. My other goal was to show that there is more to the world then KLAX and EGLL. In all seriousness I just want to give some love to airports that are often forgotten on Infinite Flight and deserve more attention. I have some great events planned that involve very small airports so stay tuned! @BigBert10 you already know what airport haha

@MrMrMan Question:

What inspired you to start WOW VA and what’s your favorite part about it?

I actually never founded WOW virtual. @bailey is responsible for founding this amazing Virtual Airline. He created a topic on IFC about creating a new Virtual Airline and fortunately for me, I decided to tap on the topic to see what it was it was about. I read that he wanted to make a WOW air VA and needed help. So I said “why not?” And private messaged him that I wanted to help. I was hired as the Chief Pilot, Event Manager, ATC Manager, Website Manager, and Tech guy. Right when I joined, I got right to work on creating https://wowvirtual.weebly.com. After days of hard work, Bailey ended up kicking all the staff except for me. I was moved up to COO immediately. I was thrilled but unfortunately this was the start of a very dark period for me and baileys relationship. We kept having terrible disagreements over everything about the VA. Weeks went by with constant disagreements until everything went quite. A full week went by until bailey told me that he could not be CEO anymore because his life just got a lot more busy and he thought I could bring WEVA to it’s full potential. After that moment on, I became the proud CEO of WOW virtual. I worked extremely hard on WOW virtual for months until the best PM you could ever receive was sent to me. From that point on, I have been very proud to say that I am the CEO of the IFVARB approved VA WOW virtual. And if anyone is wondering, me and bailey are still very good friends and we still try to talk when he is available (like once every two months). He is though very proud of me for bringing WOW virtual this far. He told me I have brought it farther than he could ever do. So, thank you @bailey! My favorite part of being CEO is meeting new and very interesting people. I always enjoyed talking with my members and learning new things about them everyday. They are all so friendly and nice as well. That is what keeps me going. Without my amazing members WOW virtual would of been gone a long time ago. So thank you! All of you!

Here is the topic @bailey made:

This is We’re it all started…

Anyone interested in operating an amazing Virtual Airline? VA

Note from @Plane-Train-TV

Sorry everyone for responding late to these questions. I unfortunately became extremely busy with WOW virtual and my daily life that I was unable to answer the questions until now. Also Trevor and I picked the best 11 questions that I wanted to answer so please do not get discouraged if I did not pic yours. If you would like for me to answer your question, just PM me! Thank you for understanding and I hope you enjoy these answers. Thank you @Trevor_A for interviewing me and thank you Community for voting for me to get interviewed!

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