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What does MWE stand for and where does the 2187 come from?
I think this is a great one to start with because that is who I am! It’s funny when I talk in person with a few in the community and they try to announce it as its spelled as “mawee” - however, it is just simply my initials 🙂. As for 2187, well I grew up a big hockey fan and followed the Quebec Nordiques (this sounds odd, but from NHL National Hockey night on NES) and they became the Colorado Avalanche, and my favorite player was #21 - so… that became my favorite number. I was born in '87

What is your favorite thing about being an IFVARB Admin?
From the start of joining Infinite Flight, I received some great help from people like Levet (before he was a Mod) and TwoCFlyer (staff at DLVA at the time) and I just really enjoyed the level of help they provided me. So from that point, I wanted to do the same and try to help. When I became staff at Delta Virtual, I wanted to do nothing more than simply help the community in whatever way I could. Either through life experience, knowledge of IF, or just friendly advice.

When Board Member spots opened, I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to help the community at. I really enjoyed IFATC and had the end goal to be a trainer there (as ATC brought me to IF originally - different story for another day). But the IFVARB welcomed me.

So now to answer the question. It is about helping people. Seeing VA/VO’s thrive that you helped certify is so cool. Seeing VA’s implement your advice and see success is so thrilling. We see a lot of issues come up, but when we can really help an individual, a CEO, or just pilots in the community, it is very satisfying.

What’s the worst part about being an IFVARB Admin?
After answering the best part, its only fair to talk about the other side. There really are two things that I do not enjoy about it and the other admins would agree. 1) Denying a VA/VO application. We don’t do it out of dislike of any user when we have to deny an application. To me I see it as each individual and their staff put a lot of time into a product, so for us to ruin that dream, even maybe just temporarily, is tough. We put a lot into a decision to deny an application and make sure we do it for the right reasons. 2) Resolving disputes. You may think - well isn’t that what the IFVARB is for? Yes! But that doesn’t make it any easier. When there is a dispute it means something isn’t working. Sometimes in resolving a dispute we have to remove people from VA’s and or the ability to join a VA. As someone that is here because of the VA community, that is a tough decision to have to make.

How do you manage to fly and be a husband at the same time? Does your wife get annoyed?
That is a really good question. My wife is not the biggest fan of IF. In terms of managing time to make sure I’m being a good husband, I do most of my IF stuff during the day, and control as ATC on the weekend mornings (I’ll wake up early just to get a few hours of controlling in each Saturday/Sunday). For managing it, I just have to be honest with her about what I’m doing. She says “i have a problem”, i just reply with “i know”.

Where are you from and do you go planespotting?
I live in the DFW area and yes! I’ll make my way out to DFW once or twice a month and just relax. I’m a bit sad that 18R is under construction as it hasn’t been kind to being able to relax at founder’s plaza.

What hobbies do you have outside of Infinite Flight?
I’m a sports junkie. My wife and I actually met through an argument about college football, if that tells ya anything. Typically my time is spent watching sports, attending games, and playing sports. My wife and I are on an indoor volleyball team, as well as I regularly compete in local sand volleyball tournaments in the DFW area. I watch just about every sport, outside cfb, I’m a big soccer fan (ugh, I’m an Arsenal fan).

I also do a lot of freelance work in athletic communications/marketing (my former full time career). So I’ll spend a lot of time traveling to games, writing about them, as well as marketing the local bowl games in the DFW area.

When I have down time, I like to game. For some that know me, know that I used to be a customer support manager for Major League Gaming during its early days. I love to play Call of Duty, FIFA, and wish and pray that NCAA football will come out again some day.

What do you like about TCU?
My parents were TCU alumni so I grew up going to games. I’ve been to just about every home game since I was born and that I wasn’t working during as well as a lot of bowl games that I was fortunate enough to travel to.

I didn’t go to TCU, but I’ve been a big fan of the athletic program. If you watch any Big 12 basketball or volleyball, you’ve likely seen me on the sidelines as I do stats for TCU’s athletic department (if anyone ever watches gametracker, we are the ones that input that info).

Did you enjoy flashing your light at me at the Rangers game?
Sounds like a funny question to answer from Altaria, but I think its cool to answer. I’ve been lucky enough to meet several Infinite Flight members in person and I think it’s really cool that we’ve developed friendships in this community. Beyond Altaria, I’ve got to meet @MDoor, @vari2ty, @hopperbolic, @gracehopper, and I’ve seen @kyle.r24’s on a plane (he was flying into DFW for a football game, I was flying to Charlotte for a basketball game and his plane was landing at DFW while my plane was short of the runway to take off). Hope to get to meet a few more in the future.

What is your favorite beverage?
I’m a margarita guy. Not to promote drinking underage, but there isn’t much better than a Joe T’s Margarita in Fort Worth.

Rapid fire:
Will you ever forgive Nelson Cruz?

Do you like Ben Bishop?
Yes, hopefully leads us to the Cup

What is your favorite airport?
Real world - MROC

What’s your longest controlling time?
Six hours during an ATL day

Do you like KU?
No, but not as much as I dislike Baylor

How many tornadoes a year?
Jokes aside, in one of my student jobs in undergrad my supervisor did tornado chases and her and her husband took me along for a few chases, pretty awesome to see in person.

Favorite show?
The Office.

Favorite IF route?
KSAN-KPSP pre global days. When Gary (@GHamsz) was on approach, it was a thrill to do the circle approach in over the mountains.

Thanks for checking it out! I’d like to thank @mwe2187 for participating in this interview. Be sure to tune in on Monday for the next Question Thread. Bye!

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A very interesting interview for a very interesting individual. Good stuff!


Fun read, thanks for answering some questions and letting us get to know ya! @mwe2187

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Great interview! It was a nice one to read!

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Thanks for allowing us to get to know a little bit more about you 🙂

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Great interview!

The success of @MalaysiaAirlinesVA is thanks to you and your team!


Bruh what, I thought 2187 was from FN2187 in Star Wars 😂 (Finn).

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Awesome interview. @GraceHopper and I can’t wait to go to Joe T’s with you again and finally swim in that “pool”.


oh dear me, we are in trouble…

Jokes aside, very eye opening, especially about your position in IFVARB

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Yes, its quite painful being an arsenal fan, dont worry - its not hard to put us down.


Really cool questions/answers. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive Cruz either. We were one strike away…

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Awesome interview and was an interesting read. Nice work!


Great interview for a great guy. Enjoyed the read!

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