IFCI Interview with Moderator @DeerCrusher!

I had the most amazing chance to interview Mod @DeerCrusher. As the newest Mod on the scene, he was a great guy, and was funny in some places. So Heres the interview!

Question 1- If you were to add one livery for the CRJ, which would it be and why? - Submitted by @Lucas_Piedra
I think I’d add go! Airlines on the -200. I haven’t shared this publicly or if I did, it was only to a few folks as we were chatting, but I use to live in Hawaii. I lived there for about 13 years and grew up there for a good part of my life before heading off to Texas for college. go! was a small inter island airline and was a start up airline from the regional airline Mesa Airlines that currently operates in the continental US today. go! flew from Honolulu to a major city on each of the main islands. They were founded in sometime 2005 and ceased their operations in 2014 if I recall from news articles as a result of high fuel prices.
They had one incident during their time as an airline. If you’re curious what that was, google “Go! Flight 1002”. I don’t want to spoil the incident for you.
They were a small airline and one of the lesser known airlines. I always thought that their livery was unique. Its not very often that you have a wave on an aircraft. Unfortunately, go! changed this livery into something more simple with a pl_ain white fuselage, the word "go! on the tail and that was about it. Kinda upsetting to be honest.

Question 2 - What are the plates on your new EcoBoost, and whos your favorite Staff/Mod - Submitted by @Levet
Right now they’re the basic county issued Colorado plates. In the next few months, I’ll have to go back into the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) aka worst place on Earth, to fill out a custom vanity plate form and it’ll read V1-ROT8.

Favorite Staff/Mod… that’s a tough one as each of the members are great at what they do in their field. I’d say that we’re a diverse group with a wide variety of experience and personalities; that’s what makes it challenging. But I have the highest respect for the developers since they are the parents of this creation we call Infinite Flight. I certainly wouldn’t be here on this forum if they didn’t create an app which further led me to this community.

Question 3 - (2 in 1) When you were approached by the moderators to become a mod, did you have any second thoughts? If so, why?
Are you on the IFC more often now that you’re a Mod? If so, how much more often?
- Submitted by @jakevaz423
1. The whole process began sometime in November of 2017, and I wasn’t officially added as a moderator until about mid-January 2018. Being a moderator carries an even more responsibility than being your average/over and above regular community member. Responsibility is something that I am very familiar with as it pertains to my career tremendously. So I can’t really say I had second thoughts.
2. I wouldn’t say I’m on the IFC more or less. I’d say that I’m on just as much before I became a mod. On occasions I will find myself on the IFC more often if there is some issue that needs to be attended to, helping someone understand something that they aren’t understanding, etc.

Question 4 - Who is your least favorite IFC Member? - Submitted by @Gonzous
I may or may not have a least favorite member, even if I did, I wouldn’t disclose it

Question 5 - What do you think of the Australians and Kiwis being a little crazy when it comes to everything Aussie Aircraft. Ie Qantas 737? - Submitted by @Connor_Seymour
Truthful answer… yes. But I would too if I heard my favorite livery was coming to Infinite Flight. The thing that keeps bringing me back to Infinite Flight personally is the realism. This realism is what we use to compare to our real world experiences. Anything to reenact those experiences we encounter, is what makes us “giddy” and jump for joy. Its the excitement, that’s all. But when the excitement is uncontrollable, that’s when the flags in our inbox go off like a roman candle.

Question 6 - What is your favorite airport to do patterns at? - Submitted by @ClarenceTheAvgeek
I don’t really have a favorite airport that I do patterns at. I go to an airport that is really windy. I find these airports by utilizing the website Windy.com . I’ve found myself at CYZP (Sandpit) out in British Colombia, a handful of times. I’ve also been known to be at PADK (Adak) and PAAK (Atka) both of which are out in the Andreanof Islands located in the Bearing Sea in Alaska.
Again, it depends where the winds are. Yes, these patterns are done in the Cessna 208. One of the original aircraft included in Infinite Flight, but its a blast to fly. Probably one of my few favorite aircraft in the app to date still and it doesn’t get old. If you can fly a 208 in 35G40kt winds and land it over and over and over again, then you can land just about anything in the fleet we have available to us.

Question 7 - Have you ever had an IRL Emergency while flying? - Submitted by @TheCoolPilot
The only one that I had was my deer incident. Which was linked a few times in the questions thread that Connor created last week. Other than that I’ve had a pretty clean record and hope to keep it that way for some time.

Question 8 - What are your most, and least favorite Threads? - Submitted by @KiwisFlying
Least Favorite: Tracking threads. I wasn’t fond of them before becoming a mod, and still am not fond of them after. I get that it’s an attempt to keep folks up to date on the latest development, and the transparency is nice and all. But its 2018, and folks have all sorts of social media in this day of age. We can easily track the development on those platforms.
Most Favorite: Best Infinite Photos. I enjoy seeing what people can do with Infinite Flight. Like I mentioned earlier in another question regarding my draw to realism, I enjoy seeing and comparing those photos that folks share to what I have and can envision real-world aircraft doing. We have some talented community members who do some remarkable edits to their photos.

Question 9 - What airline do you work for and do you want to get a new type rating? - Submitted by @Delta350
What airline do you work for and do you want to get a new type rating?
I currently work for a regional airline called “Envoy Airlines”. Its a subsidiary of the parent company American Airlines. It is better known as American Eagle but was rebranded back in 2014. Now PSA Airlines, Piedmont, and Envoy all operate “American Eagle” branded aircraft but next to the main door you’ll notice “operated by…” one of the companies listed above.

I would love to get a new type rating. I think a 737 type rating would be great to have and would be fun. My all time dream type rating to get would be a 787 type rating. The 777 and the 787 I believe fall under the same type so either one would be a blast to get one day.

Finally, Question 10 - If a mod were to host the Oscars, which one would be the best suit? - Submitted by @Delta_Alpha_Lima
I think I’d have to go with Misha. Need I really say more? Misha’s got quite the sense of humor and it’d be an absolute riot to watch as well. I think Seb would be funny as well but this I think better fits Misha’s style.

Thank you once again for reading, sorry for the longness of it all, but it means more effort for me. Anywho, once again i’m Connor, with IFCI, and i’ll see you next time

Deer Story - Wildlife Incident Story


Did you really think he would answer that question?

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i like that license plate choice 😉

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Its not like I would explicitly say someones name. There are things in life worth sharing and things that don’t need to be shared. 🙂


At least your question made it into the interview unlike a few others in the question submission thread. A thank you would’ve been nice… 😉

Thanks for sharing, Matt! It’s always great getting to know more and more people around the community. I’ve definitely learned a lot more about you than beforehand.

I hope it’s okay to ask a follow-up question: How long have you worked for Envoy Airlines?

Thanks for setting this interview up, Connor.


I actually agree with his answer though, if I were you, I would’ve been happy because my question got highlighted :D

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My apologies. It was @Levet not @Chris_S who made the Car comment. My apologies

Such a tedious interview to get through…but in the end l followed the link to the wildlife incident… and found out what a deer crusher was… l will try to remember that for my next game of Trivial Pursuit…it must be a question sooner or later !!!

Great job once again, the interview series is amazing keep it up!

No need for an apology. You did a fine job @Connor_Seymour !

@Recxx you should click the link for the DeerCrushing

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I got lost in the woods for a bit…and finally found it …but thanks for the comment …l would have almost missed it …it was about a deer not an elk or a moose !!!

So you hit a deer with a Cessna but you haven’t with a car…how funny. 😝

@DeerCrusher Nice license plate idea. Mine would be: MISH-ED probably.

Nice interview there! Great job @Connor_Seymour. Thoroughly enjoyed this one.

That is incredible! Would be so cool

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Really. I could’ve picked anyone else’s.

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An another awesome interview! Looking forward to reading the next one!

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Thanks for answering my question! I also want that type rating after I get my ATP.

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Dodgy, you didn’t answer my question

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