IFCI Interview with Moderator @Chris_S

Interview with @Chris_S

Description of the Process
Welcome to the final stage of one of our favorite moderator’s Chris_S. We asked him if we could interview him about a month ago and he was glad to say yes to get interviewed. We then proceeded to post the Qustion Thread Monday. You guys from the community asked some awesome questions and I think you now will have a great idea of @Chris_S.

Now to the Questions

@Plane-Train-TV Question

As a moderator, you play a vital role here in the Infinite flight Community day and day out. Who has inspired you to do your best every single day in this community and in the real world? What impact do you hope to put on this community in the future and with the new members that join it?

All the staff/moderators have played a role. Moderating is a tough task because while there are things we would like to do we have to do what is best for the community and Infinite Flight. The community has become a critical extension of the app so that the community is considered when giving reviews. You may have noticed a shift in moderating style over the past year. How you interact with people says a lot about you and can make or break a career or potential job promotion. I look at my communication style to be the same as if I were at work and hope that my example can teach others to do the same.

@schyllberg Question

What is Whataburger

A Texas fast food chain that serves fresh burgers that you can totally customize. They also serve amazing breakfast and sweet tea that will trigger diabetes. The Whataburger building has orange and white stripes on the roof because the creator was a pilot and wanted to see his stores from his plane.

@Altaria55 Question

What is your favorite route and plane to fly with in IF

You will find me flying the KDFW->KSAT route a lot. It is a quick flight, I fly it often in real life, and I use that route to test various aspects of flight. Normally I am in the 320 unless I am beta testing something or I get creative.

@Chatta290 Question

How did you learn how to code?

I was part of the first computer science class in my high school back in 1995. We started out with turbo pascal but the concepts are the same regardless of the language. From there I took some classes at the community college for my associates that lead to some jobs where my role slowly got more technical over the year. Every year I go back to the high school and judge the kids end of year projects along with other professors and people from the industry. Its pretty cool seeing what they create now days.

@Trevor_A Question

How did you find the forum and how long where you here before you became a mod?

I found IF because I was looking for a shuttle landing simulator. I did free landings for a while before I realized what live was and purchased it. Then found the forum to answer some questions. I think I joined the community in 2015.

@Grizpac Question

In addition, I’d like to ask you what ideas/developments you have in mind or in progress for the future of FPLTOIF?

I am working on some performance improvements behind the scenes that will allow you to add/delete waypoints. I also figured out a way to allow you to select a SID/STAR and it will automatically add those waypoints if they arent already in your plan. I have also been playing around with the descent VS to make it more realistic.

@Trio Question

Why is head of file management for the IFATC a thing? Do you fear robots will soon replace you, and if so, how will you fight back?

While I love seeing random pictures of food and pilots, we need the space for more important things like ghosting pictures. For a while IFATC slack has been living over the file limit but over time it has finally gone down. Now I just remind people mainly to delete the DM files. If a robot replaces me I will find a new job and respect my new robot overlords.

@Marc Question

DasMarc Question

In your profile it says that you’re a Male’s Lacrosse referee. Now, imagine that Flying Development Studios would organize a Lacrosse tournament and you’d be the referee. You have the team of @schyllberg playing against the team of @DeerCrusher. If you let Sebastians team win, they will present you a trip to Sweden with a voucher for an All You Can Eat experience in IKEA. If you let Matts team win, they will present you your own little Bambi which you can name however you want.
But You can also choose to be neutral. But if you do so, your car gets stolen in the parking lot because the fans disagree.
Now, what is your choice


IKEA Meatballs > Deer

@Balloonchaser Question

Do you live or have lived on a Ranch?

No. My latest move took us to a lot with more land but I wouldnt call it a ranch.

@jasonrosewell Question

What is the one thing you wish you could add to your flight planing website that you can’t (due to programming challenges or API restrictions)?

The ability to send a plan to the app. I would like to be able to do more math but since I am not a pilot in real life I have to rely on google formulas.

@TheInitialVirus Question

You were one of the first people I interacted with on my way into IFATC, and have been an influence on me since. How would you say your time in IFATC has impacted your daily activities on the IFC and in real life?

I spend way too much time on the forum as a result. But I like it! IFATC is a great group and I talk to them more than my co-workers. We followed Tyler in his deployment adventures, watched Josh graduate and go off to college, learn about Gary’s various engineering projects, and we have been there for others who have gone through some tough times. Its like a big family. I have learned so much from ATC and the forum about how things work in other parts of the world. Often times I will say something to my wife and she asks “how do you know that” and I say “Well so and so controller lives there”.

@Starley Question

What’s better: Seb’s beard or Misha’s socks?

Fear the beard!

@WestJet737767 Question

How much lacrosse could @Chris_S play if @Chris_S could play lacrosse?

I didnt play for long but I coached for 7 years and then have been an official for 8 and am on the Texas board of directors. My knees are slowly limiting my time.

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Great interview! I did not really know much about Mr. S until now, as he seems to be somewhat reserved. Now we just need an interview with Captain Redbeard.



This is actually really funny and good XD


There were so many great questions though. Wish I had time to get to them all.


@Chris_S Interview Part 2? XD

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