IFCI Interview with Moderator @Chris_S

IFCI Question Thread with @Chris_S

Welcome to the Question thread for one of our own Moderators Chris_S. This thread will to be for you IFC members to ask him some questions about his IF, IFC and irl experiences or things hea seen.

Want some more Info on @Chris_S
Go head and click onto his profile to view so more info and be able to ask him so cool and exciting questions.

Please remeber to make appropriate questions because @Chris_S and myself have the option to void and questions we see as inappropriate or repeat questions.

We also ask please dont ask these questions

  • Who is your favorite member

  • When is the next release

  • Anything on the next Update

Interview Process

Stages Already Completed

Ask permission for person to be interviewed by the IFCI interviewr

Current Stage

Open up question thread for IFC members to ask him

Stages to Come

Pick 10 questions and ask Chris_S to answer them

Final Stage

Open actual answer thread and complete his interview

We are currently on the second step of his Interview

Make sure to check out IFCI

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IFCI Website

Request an Interview

Let the Questions Begin

Do remeber that any inappropriate or off topic replys will be flagged and not answered. Any inside jokes please say so when replying


What is Whataburger?


What’s your favorite route to fly, and with what aircraft/livery?

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Do you prefer chicken tacos or beef tacos?


Have you ever visited an Air Force base? If so, which one(s)?


How did you learn to code? and What’s the biggest challenge while living with diabetes?


What is your favorite airport?


As a moderator, you play a vital role here in the Infinite flight Community day and day out. Who has inspired you to do your best every single day in this community and in the real world? What impact do you hope to put on this community in the future and with the new members that join it? How do you want to be remembered as when/if you leave the Infinite Flight Community?

Off-topic Question: Why is lacrosse your favorite sport and what future do you think it has in the United States?


How did IFC change you as a person? @Connor

What is your favorite part about being an IFC mod?
Least favorite?

How did you find IFC?

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  1. Who’s the real Ewan? @IceBlue or @ewanfleming

  2. Who’s the real Chris? @Chris_S @Levet @Chris_Hoover @Chief305

  3. Have You ever flown in a GA plane before IRL?

  4. Would you rather meet me (@Balloonchaser) or Rocco (@RTG113)?

  5. Thoughts on @BluePanda900?

  6. C172 or C182 (IRL)?

  7. What aircraft would you like to see on Infinite Flight?

  8. Favorite Airplane in app (Right Now)

  9. Have you ever flown First Class?

  10. Would you ever join the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club?

  11. Thoughts on LiveFlightApp.com

  12. Canada or Great Britain?

  13. What is coming to FPLtoIF.com in the near future??

  14. Would you ever want to obtain your private license?

  15. Have you ever gone skiing?

  16. Paddle boarding or Kayaking with Gary (@GHamsz)?

  17. What would you say is your greatest achievement in Infinite Flight and on the Community?

  18. Favorite Regular?

  19. Favorite TL2 ;)

  20. Would you recommend the role of a Moderator to anyone? Are there challenging aspects to it?

  21. VARB slack or IFATC slack?

  22. Secret Chat still secret??

  23. If you could travel anywhere; where would you go?

  24. Dogs or Cats?

  25. Do you live on a ranch?

  26. Fly in a Helicopters or Planes with Mark (@anon93248082)?

  27. Do you think that @Transport_Hub’s name is Pranav?

  28. Have you ever seen a hot air balloon?

  29. Would you ever fly in a hot air balloon?

  30. What does the future of IF and IFC have instore?


Pulling a Panda are we??? Haha

He also asked to stay away from these as well (:


Pfft copy cat :P

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  1. Why is head of file management for the IFATC a thing? Do you fear [ro]bot[s] will soon replace you, and if so, how will you fight back?
  2. Why do you like being a moderator?

Who is your Favourite (TL3) Canadian Chris?

Guys let’s try to read before we ask please (:

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What is your favorite part about this wonderful community?

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What is your favourite airline to fly?

In your profile it says that you’re a Male’s Lacrosse referee.

Now, imagine that Flying Development Studios would organize a Lacrosse tournament and you’d be the referee. You have the team of @schyllberg playing against the team of @DeerCrusher. If you let Sebastians team win, they will present you a trip to Sweden with a voucher for an All-You-Can-Eat experience in IKEA. If you let Matts team win, they will present you your own little Bambi which you can name however you want.

But: You can also choose to be neutral. But if you do so, your car gets stolen in the parking lot because the fans disagree.

Now, what is your choice?


Can we all take a second and appreciate all of @Marc questions lol


I think that Is appropriate to do at this time