IFCI Interview With Moderator @Chris_S!

Nick got the same question aswell. Shame that no one knows him, do you know him?

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made up or not, that is bringing back memories lol


That’s why I want to be an Air Force Pilot. They like small people and I’m a tiny guy. I play lacrosse and sounds like Chris could be a good red for me. My normal refs either don’t call anything or call everything small. Who needs cable anyways. Great interview very interesting!

So he’s not a good guy anymore?

Jk, great questions 😁👌


I already know! ;) (Imagine that lol)

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Ah yes, I remember that. Unfortunately something bad happened (IFC wise) with the person who was gonna interview me. I’d be very glad to be interviewed again and have it workout.

hint hint @TheBoeing787 if you know what I mean ;)

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