IFCI Interview With Moderator @Chris_S!

I had the amazing chance to interview one of the IFC mods by the name of @Chris_S. He was a good guy and I’m glad I got the chance to meet him and learn a few things about him, and now I’m here to share those things with the IFC, so without further ado, here’s the interview.

Who is your favorite non-staff community member? (Submitted By @GolferRyan)

This is a tough one as it changes on a daily basis. There are so many that contribute so much to the community that its hard to pick one. I know, lame answer.

If you could change one thing about IF, what would it be and why? (Submitted By @KPIT)

I would like to have more in sim flight tutorials. Intercepting an ILS, doing a simple pattern with ATC, take off, landing. I think it would go a long way to help the new users ease into the sim.

Toughest incident you have handled here on the forum? (Submitted By @Matthew_Chan)

Every time I think of one I end up thinking of one more difficult. I came on board right after global so I can’t imagine what they dealt with. Actually I can since we all at Warbird weekend and Levet was closing posts as fast as he could and I was flagging them during the Flight Cast live stream. The most difficult are the ones that are not related to the sim in any way. One day Swiss networks decided to change something on their network which caused a lot of people to not be able to load the sim. The other hard part is that I can’t physically go into your house and look and see how your dad configured your router. Sometimes we know what will work from experience but the parents push back.

I was your favorite trainee ever… right? (Submitted By @The_Initial_Virus)

You are only saying that since you just passed your approach test. You’re welcome!

Why are you a good guy to know? (Submitted By @Trio)

I know people… Some dig holes, some make problems disappear, some cook awesome food, etc. I am extremely useful at the store for getting items off top shelves.

Who is your favourite chris on the forum? (Submitted By @Oli_H)

Theres more than one?

Which CRJ are you looking forward to the most?

I don’t really have one more than the others. I am more excited to be able to fly regional jets into the many great regional airports. Many of which I travel to regularly. XNA, MSN, LEX, etc.

Which CRJ would you like to have (that isnt confirmed)? (Submitted By @Cbro4)

Honestly I don’t really care about liveries or specific models that much. Its not like the Air Canada will fly different than American Eagle. I’m happy with what has been confirmed. CRJ = Concorde Regional Jet? I would say that you should fly the old CRJ so you have a fresh “before” picture in your mind so you can appreciate how much effort FDS puts into the changes for when it gets released. And no we don’t know when.

What motivated you to start being a role model and hopefully offered a staff position? (Submitted By @AndrewRG10)

I have zero aviation background other than my frequent flyer points. The community has taught me so much over the years that it makes traveling so much more fun now. At the airport I find myself looking at the markings and signs and looking at why things are there. If I have a question, I post it on here and usually get an answer quickly. Corporate training is part of my real world job role so when I see an opportunity to be able to give back to the community I do it. It is my way of giving back to the community for all the help its given me. I know at times we are quick to jump on people for what they post but we need to remember that we were new here once and think back to what it was like. Granted the community is probably much larger now.

How much time a week do you binge watch Duck Dynasty? (Submitted By @Delta_Alpha_Lima)

One of my clients is actually in the town that they film it in. I know there is nothing not scripted on TV so I don’t believe everything you see. I actually ran into them and they were all clean shaven wearing suits where my client said it was all for show.

Are you planning to actually go into the aviation industry or moderate the young forum of avgeeks?
(Submitted By @Ryan_Vidad)

I do IT consulting/programming/training from home supporting a Project Portfolio Management software suite. I wanted to be a fighter pilot out of high school but apparently they don’t let 6’6" insulin dependent diabetics fly muti-million dollar aircraft. So now I get to fly them from the comfort of my bathroom.

You are stranded on an island with a 2-Seater aircraft with enough fuel to carry 1 passenger. Who are you saving from the lineup below?

Butters, of course.

Out of all of the places you’ve visited who (which city) has the best food?

Nashville had some really good food while I was there. Lexington had all the fast food places I miss while growing up in Ohio. Vegas had the bests Steak I ever had. Chicago was the first place I had an egg burger (and never looked back). If a place has to say “The best [whatever]” on their sign, it will be a letdown. Some of the best food I have had has been out of a food truck or some hole in the wall gas station. If you see police or fire trucks there, you know its good food.

If you could have one particular big name high profile client who would it be? (Submitted By @Levet)

Bank of Hawaii is a client for the company I work for but I cant seem to get on that account and go travel there. I have had some cool clients so far from Govornment offices in DC to GameStop to Walmart. Its a hard question to answer, Boeing would be a cool project to be on.

Boeing or Airbus? (Submitted By @crazygamerdl)

No clue really. I lean more towards the MDs… The MD80 is a great aircraft that I will miss when AA retired them. Some of the smoothest landings I have ever had have been in the MD80. Comfy seats, smooth landings, quiet.

Spirit Airlines or Ryanair? (Submitted By @MrAlaska)

I would rather ride on the back of a donkey without a saddle. I tried spirit once. I sat down and my knees couldnt fit in their seats so I left and got a different flight.
What motivated you to do fpltoif.com? (Submitted By @daniel14)

As a programmer, I like to solve problems and mainly to prove to myself that I can do it. I got tired of flying into DFW and having 80% of my waypoints missing so I did the site. Then I saw that others had done it in excel so we chatted about it. It just grows from there. Starts out with simple plans, then adding plane/livery stats, then server stats, then log missing waypoints for future use, then Joe wants me to land the plane for him. Now I am working on a way to save flight plans for easy reference.
Will you ever consider ads on your site? (Submitted By @dush19)

No. Ads are the worst and you get so little from it and its more annoying.

What is your favourite aircraft? (Submitted By @crxmson)

Real life MD80, in sim A320.

How much wood exactly, can a woodchuck chuck? (Submitted By @KevinMc88)

The bigger question is more importantly why is he chucking the wood? Is it out of boredom? Was he teased into chucking the wood? (Woodchuck hazing has to stop i n 2018) Maybe if the woodchuck had a hobby such as Infinte Flight it would lead a more satisfying life than doing the expected chucking of the wood all day long.

Do you have a family?

Yes I am married and have a son, cat, and dog.

what are your non-aviation interests? (Submitted By @Bookers4eva)

My wife and I are big movie and tv nerds so we like to watch our shows on Netflix/Hulu (I cut the cable). Outside of work and IF, my time is pretty limited so I spend it as a board member of the Texas High School Lacrosse League. I coached high school for 7 years, and am a referee. I dont ref as much now due to my knees but I am actively involved in its growth in Texas. Refereeing is sort of like controlling. There are rules, procedures, and flows to follow. Being in South Texas means pretty decent weather year round so if its not too booty hot I will be on the patio grilling.

How did you become a moderator? When did they tell you? Did they say that Sam would also be a mod with you?

I can’t remember when but there wasnt anything that really lead up to it. I was approached and I said yes. Its like that in the real world too people.

Who is your favorite mod? (besides yourself) (Submitted By @TheBoeing787)

Seb has so much experience with how to handle situations plus points for the beard. Levet has the awesome first name and somehow finds time to moderate with all his fun stuff. Misha just closes topics… Often times he will wait until Chatta is replying and then will close it. I need to google to find out what Austrailian slang Sam is talking about half the time. I think Joe wins… Mainly because he only does one post a day and that one single post will either 1) completely derail an entire thread with anger 2) Reverse 8 hours of forum control that the other mods worked so hard for or 3) will make no sense at all.

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Cool! Looks very nice. Very Good questions and answers.

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Nice interview and formatting! I like the moderator answer alot too. Thank you for answering my question Chris!

Sounds like you’re describing Good Fellas.


I’m dieing of laughter😂.


Are you hearing this ginger santa?

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Some interesting facts! Looking forward to the next interview!

of course there is :-)

He eaven mentions @Levet earlier, someone asked if he wanted to do aviation type jobs, but no, he should be a politician, has exceptional skill for dodging hard questions, like the Boeing V.S. Airbus question to🤣


I hear everything. I have absolutely no idea what he’s talking about regarding the situations, i usually just yell at people. Guess that works…

The beard is a given, it’s amazing. Didn’t even fit on my new drivers license photograph.


Oh jesus thats one beard

Great answer! Such a pleasant detail.

Seriously though. Outside of the whole fly by pushing a button, I couldnt tell you the difference between Airbus and Boeing. As long as its not a prop and I can actually stand up in it as long as I get there safe I dont care. Give me a warm cookie and I’ll be on my way.

Ford/Chevy, Paper/Plastic, Coke/Pepsi, Rep/Dem, Boeing/Airbus… no1curr… .

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Great first interview!

So did I. What shows do you like to watch?

He’s just mishing up Chatta…


Nice interview.

Did not know that @Chris_S grew up around here. What part of Ohio?

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Columbus. Southern Columbus.


Cool. Bit north of here but still a proud Ohioan.

Do you know of Roman Atwood? Sorry but it’s an obligatory question for anyone who lives there for me.

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Oh yeah, him. Me and him go way back. We used to ride our big wheels down to the candy store.

No I got no clue, I moved away 25 years ago, lol.


@NetJets_Nick someone from Columbus

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