IFCI Interview with MishaCamp!


IFCI Interview with MishaCamp

Welcome to the forth and final stage of the interview process for MishaCamp’s interview!
Here we share all the brilliant answers from a select bunch of “interesting” questions submitted by a number of IFC members!

Now, to the interview featuring MishaCamp;

#1 - What is the best part about being a part of the community?
Submitted by @MrMrMan

  • The forum community is unique for one specific reason; without it there would be no way for Infinite Flight users to connect around the world. Yes, there may be Facebook groups and so forth, but those are not places that are as easily accessible to all. This puts the forum in a position of being the one and only central hub for Infinite Flight users. I see it almost as a more structured Reddit. but purely for Infinite Flight, and with a little more input from the developers and staff members.

From my perspective, I think we have got the dynamic just right. That is why I like being part of this community. I came up through it, and I still feel as much a part of it as I did at day 1.

#2 - How was your date with ADAM and CAM, do you still love them?
Submitted by @Transport_Hub

  • Well that would imply that I could tolerate them before hand which is still 50/50.
    It is nice, however, to be making friends from being part of this simulator and its community.

#3 - What’s your best quote of all time?
Submitted by @Brayden_McNeal

  • Well I would be fired if I gave you any in my top 5 overall, but on the community I would have to say it was and of the ones in ‘facts about Carson’. If you know, you know.

#4 - What is your favourite category on the forum?
Submitted by @Connor

  • I think #features is by far the most important. People need a place to feel like their requests are being heard, and we also need a place where we can hear people. Features does that well and I think that without it the forum would be a whole lot worse off.

  • However, right now I would have to say it is #live:groupflights. I did create the category, so I may be a little bias, but we have had a lot of posts that we have filtered out from non-TL2 members that are wanting group flights. We didn’t have a place for them, and now we do. It is a good category for people who are new to the forum to use as much as possible as well!

We also have quite a few hidden categories which are interesting in their varying ways.

#5 - Where did the nickname “unicorn” come from?
Submitted by @Xpira

  • I really have no idea!
    I remember back in around 2016, I changed my title on the forum to ‘temporary Christmas unicorn’. Perhaps is stemmed from there and my general attitude towards unicorns as a whole.
    Say what you please, unicorns exist.

#6 - If you found a better job that pays more, would you leave Infinite Flight altogether, or would you stay with Infinite Flight, accept less pay, and continue to develop the app?
Submitted by @BigBert10

  • Well to clarify, I do not develop the app. I do the community side of things.
    This varies from events to social media to beta management and so forth.
    I love my job, and it gives me everything I need right now and I do not see that changing in the future!

#7 - Why do you love dogs so much and where do you get your socks?
Submitted by @BluePanda900

  • Dogs are the ultimate kindness in the world. Just yesterday I watched a video of a police dog that was shot 4 times coming out of hospital. It was so full of life and happy, and it did not have any issues going right up to people and being friendly despite everything. There are of course other animals that would react the same to this situation, however none of them play such an important role in the world of humans.

  • I get my socks from two main online shops. I won’t tell you which as they are my own secret. Many of my socks come from random small shops in markets or other cool places you wouldn’t expect. I was in a museum in New York in January and I found a paid of cool astronaut ones with a flaming meteor on them. The more you travel the more interesting things you find, socks included.

#8 - What is the perfect thing to balance things on?
Submitted by @schyllberg

  1. A stone dog in Wolverhampton
  2. Jason Statham’s bald head
  3. Probably a flat surface with normal levels of gravity

#9 - How does one even begin to sum up Milton Keynes in a single poignant word, without failing to do justice to the sheer beauty of it?
Submitted by @ewanfleming

  • Musty

#10 - Favourite part about being a staff member instead of a moderator?
Submitted by @Balloonchaser

  • Being one of the people that is part of the community but also having the ability to mould and shape it.
    There is a wonderful video online that talks about how the role of a community manager is to be the third part between the development team and the wider community.
    As a staff member I get to act as that on a daily basis as a job, and I don’t think I could ask for more!

#11 - Who has the best fashion sense out of everyone in the team?
Submitted by @Nick_Wing

  • Kevin when he wore my pink jacket. Laura has some killer scarfs though and Cam is getting better.

#12 - How do you feel having your own plane in IF?
Submitted by @SkysTheLimit87

  • We already had B-MISHA on the Eva air B78X, so this was just a fun little addition on the side. I think Jarno had some fun putting the unicorn on the engine. It is pretty cool to see people flying around in the aircraft though, even if it is a bit confusing when they use the registration as a callsign. G-MISH is actually a pretty old C152 flying out of Fife in Scotland as far as I can tell.

#13 [ Last but not least (: ] - What got you started with IF?
Submitted by @Kate_Russell

  • Same as everyone else really, I found it on the app store!

In conclusion, it’s been a pleasure working with @MishaCamp to create this interview and thank you all for submitting questions!

See you next time (:

-Luke and the rest of the IFCI Team



Thanks for featuring my question, and great answer Misha! I couldn’t agree more. :)

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Wow. I never expected Misha to pick my question. Looks like Adam and Cam are worthy enough of being featured in his interview 🤷

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When Misha does not pick my question…

Great interview though! Very informational!

Edit: Did I even make a question?


Thanks for answering my question Misha!!! Great interview!

And be sure to check out one of our latest interview question threads here with the COO of IFCI @Connor;

Awesome interview! Keep them coming!

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Amazing! Fun to read the Q&A’s!

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I know very well 😂

Why didn’t you do it again ;)

Great Interview Luke!

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It’s a one time thing 😉


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