IFCI Interview with @Matthew!

Hello community and welcome to another IFCI interview. I was privileged enough to interview Mr. “Hakuna Matata” himself, @Matthew! With that out of the way, here is the interview.

@George - What’s your favorite city in New Zealand?
Auckland, where I was born and raised. It’s a beautiful city. Just look at this time lapse I filmed today of approach to Auckland!

@George - Would you mind to tell us a story that brought you to find Infinite Flight?
I was playing X-Plane 9 on my iPad 3rd gen. back in 2012 and was looking for a new flight sim with better graphics. Even Infinite flight back in 2012 was a huge upgrade in graphics from X-Plane 9.

@Kate_Russell - What was your most embarrassing moment in IF?
Being a “nube” on the expert server back when you only needed 10,000 XP to enter it. Learnt from my mistakes throwing myself in the deep end though.

@Delta_Alpha_Lima - What got you intrigued in Hakuna Matata?
It’s a nice song it for me as it represents enjoying life, and not letting the troubles of life and the world bring you down. It also represents viewing things in a positive light rather than negative.

@Marc - Would you prefer to travel in the Infinite Flight version of the Airbus A380, or the Infinite Flight version of the Boeing 757?
A380. It would probably be a pretty weird flying experience on it though. 🤣

@AviationReports - What is your favorite flight to fly in real life? IF?
In real life it would be Queenstown - Auckland. It has a great, powerful takeoff with great views. In Infinite Flight, it would be Auckland - Wellingtion. It has great views of the north island.

@Gman - What was your worst flight experience?
Going from Bali to Auckland a few years ago in a 767-300. It was a late departure and I slept as we got to cruise. Once I woke up, I felt horrible, like a sick dog. There was still 5 hours left in the flight and it was some of the most horrible hours of my life. At one point, I was lying on the cabin floor while the flight attendant was telling me to get up. I sat in my seat lying on my stomach to limit pain. Once we landed and stopped at gate, I vomited just as we became stationary. From that day forth I bought motion sickness pills for every flight I went on.

@BigBert10 - What got you interested in aviation?
My dad has worked in tourism his whole life, for European bus tour companies and for Air New Zealand. I have been fortunate to go on many flights around the world since I was young and naturally, I grew very interested in planes.

@Kate_Russell - What is your favorite airline meal?
Garlic bread 😀 I love that stuff.

@The_Geniusman - How you like to vacation? Do you go and explore or sit on a beach and relax?
I just arrived back from holiday yesterday, so perfect timing. I like to relax at the beach or pool, have lots of nice food, and have fun on holiday. 😀

I hope you enjoyed the interview with @Matthew. We took a lot of time to get this up for you guys, so keep those questions coming! Be sure to check out some of our other IFCI interviews, as well.

From our team around the world, thanks and see you in the infinite skies!
IFCI Interviewer, @Cbro4


Ok, on what airline do you get garlic bread? I need to know. Asking for a friend.


I really look forward to these interviews!! Thanks guys, can’t wait to see a new one!!


I’ve gotten it on United once.

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How does garlic bread taste like? Is it garlic only? 😂

One good reason to try flying with United. Sadly, I own a dog, so…

I love Garlic Bread.


🤢 That sounds terrible 😣


Air New Zealand, sadly only prenuim economy or business.

Premium eco can sometimes be only a little bit more expensive then economy.

Does it taste good or…?

It’s great can’t belive people can go through life without it lol.



Oh Holy Sweet Garlics… Wait? Garlics doesn’t taste sweet 🤔, whatever. That looks goodly 🤤🤤

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The only problem i face is… How am i gonna board a Air New Zealand plane when i live in Europe.
Is it easier to make a connection in USA or Asia?


ANZ London - Los Angeles - Auckland is probably your best bet.

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Thanks :)
Does ANZ fly to LHR?

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With a stopover at LAX yes. NZ1/NZ2

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Thanks Guys, i’ll give it a go someday! For that BREAD 🤤


Exhaustingly, yes. If you’re actually considering it, it may be cheaper to take Norwegian to LAX (or any cheaper airline for that matter) and change to ANZ there if they board extra passengers at LAX for going onwards.

Oh, that’s a great idea. Norwegian from ESSA to KLAX will be much cheaper as well. Then i could take ANZ from there on, right?
Luckily there’s a direct flight on a daily basis with Norwegian between ESSA and KLAX.

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Depends if the stop in LAX is just for fuel or if they also add pax, but as it’s the airline’s only route to LAX I assume you can board there.