IFCI - Interview with @markstursy


After all of your amazing questions, I compiled a list of 15 questions to ask @anon93248082. He gave some great answers.
Thanks for giving me a ton of questions to look through.

1. How has the IFC changed you as a person? - @Connor

Honestly I’ve became more humble answering questions about rotor wing, I also use it as a page to try mentor or give advice about the industry! Great Question Connor thanks!

2. Are you planning on joining IFATC anytime soon? - @Brandon_K

I would love to join IFATC, I’ll be honest Brandon. I tested and failed my written exam. I am a horrible exam tester and have bad anxiety when it comes to any written exam. Doesn’t matter what kind. lol I am going try re-do my written and hopefully by the end of the year have the IFATC Tag! Thanks for your questions Brandon!

3. What are you supposed to do when a helicopter has an engine failure? - @Aceorbit

So when an engine on a helicopter fail we have to enter an auto-rotation (we will call it Autos). Air flows into the main rotor disk which keeps the rotor spinning. We keep a constant speed of 65 knots, with a 1500ft per minute drop. Here’s a picture of what the air does as we enter an auto.

Here’s a video of a full down auto with a UH1 Huey

Thanks for your question Ace!

Also check this out!

4. What is your favorite book? - @Dubya

I hate reading - So I don’t read often but I love my Bible, the FAR/AIM, and then a book called “Fatal Traps for Helicopter pilots” it explains every way you can get killed in a helicopter then goes into case details and then on how to either not get in the situation and how to recover. Thanks for your question Duyba!

5. “Helicopters don’t fly, they vibrate so badly the ground rejects them” - Tom Clancy
If we call this X, then if Y is “High risk of injury”, would you say that;
X + Y = Z (Dangerous Job) -

I would say some jobs are high risk, Aerial fire fighting, power line patrols, long lining(sling loads) can get dangerous. Some jobs aren’t as high risk like tour flying, aerial surveying, cherry drying (you can get into some dangerous situations like Vortex Ring State/Settling with power) thanks for your question Kirito!

6. What did your helicopter training look like? - @azeeuwnl

I use an R22 Beta II and then an R44 Raven I. I just began to fly the 44 my friend own more often.

(The R44 Raven II not my buddy’s I fly but my school I flew to an air show)

(The R22 Beta II)
Thanks for your question Azeeuwln

**7. What’s your favorite Plane and helicopter? -** @Ishan_S

My favourite airplane is a Cessna 150G. I have a special connection to them. And then my favourite helicopter is the Boeing 234 (CH47 Chinook) and the Sikorsky CH54B/Erickson S64 Skycrane!

Thanks for your question Ishan S!

8. The word „Helicopter” comes from the ancient greek words ἕλιξ (hélix, spiral) and πτερόν (pterón, wing). So basically it meens spiral wing.

How would you have called a helicopter if no one had invented a word for it yet? - @Marc

Yes… Lol Rotors spin, the rotor blade is the reason why helicopters produce lift. Thanks for your question DasMarc!

9. Have you ever rode with a pet? - @Kate_Russell

I have recently! First time doing it I brought my two cats to my new house down in Washington where they’re currently at! Thanks for your question Kate!

10. I think many people with fixed wing aviation see flying the big planes for the big airlines as the obvious “end goal” What is the ultimate “goal” I suppose you might say in rotary wing aircraft? - @KPIT

My dream job is to do aerial fire fighting with the Skycrane, I also want to start a 14CFR135 Operation with helicopters and a few PC12s it would be used for aerial fire fighting along with utility and contracted jobs. Thanks for your question KPIT!

11. What’s it like to be a step above a drone pilot but below airplane pilot?- @Asneed8706

Thanks Buddy for your question, it’s like screaming gear up in a fixed wing airplane to sound as cool as I possibly can!
While it sounds cool we all know helicopter pilots are way better then fixed wing people ;)

12. For a computer sim | Xplane11,FSX or P3D? - @James_Browne

FSX for now, haven’t tried the other games yet! Thanks James for your question!

13. Do you plan on making a helicopter club on X-Plane? ;) - @Xpira

Yes, I plan to hopefully by the end of 2018! I’ll have a VA for rotor wing, so if you’re interested don’t hesitate to message me and find it what ships you’ll need to buy! Thanks for your question Xpira!

14. What’s your favorite candy? - @MrMrMan

Oh, good question! As I write these answers I am eating my favorite which is ferrero rocher. So if you want to brag me buy me a box of them ;) thanks MrManMan!


HA! Cause we’re gods that’s why! I’m kidding fixed wing has their spots. But I think rotor is much more fun, we aren’t at 22,000ft flying with auto pilot, we’re at 1500ft flying as aircraft were designed to. Helicopters have the ability to land in amazing spots where fixed wing pilots dream to get into. I’ve landed on mountains LZ, villages with no runway, oil platforms. i have seen helicopters be able pick up incrediable things, everything from downed aircraft to animals. The job industry is just extremely cool, it’s hard to get to these jobs but the ability to land and go to amazing places always blows me away. Thanks Everyone!


MrManMan 😜 nice one @anon93248082!
I enjoy Ferrero Rocher myself :)

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Nice interview!


Nice and detailed interview! Can’t believe this one went past 10 questions

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Helicopters are cheating lol, so let me get this straight, in an engine failure you use your kinetic energy (altitude) and turn it into speed and the rotor spinning so that you can have the rotor power left over for when you land?

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Basically yes

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That’s pretty genius!

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And extremely fun lol I love autos it’s the best roller coaster ever

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Good interview

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@anon93248082 I think your brainwashing me a bit to like helicopters more! Great interview!

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Yas my question made it lol. First rounds on me at Orlando next year @anon93248082 ;)

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Hmm… So you say the swirly knife flying machine is better than a turboprop fuel injected luxurious beast. I see how it is.


@The_Geniusman turbo props are boring lol

Deal! Orlando is going regret us showing up 😂

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Ok so does the autorotation angle to rotors so the falling motion of the craft through the air will “push” the rotors to spin similar to how a fan “pushes” air down?

If so, then When the spin of the rotor generates enough lift, then the drag force would be less, therefore increasing the VS, increasing the spin, etc etc. When it reaches equilibrium, are you doomed to fall that way, hitting the ground at a high speed?

Or does the spinning motion generate potential energy to be used when landing to wind up the rotors? Like a RAT on fixed wing?

Is it a combination of both?

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I’ll try to answer the best - Been drinking so forgive me if these answers don’t make sense

Yes, the air goes from button up through the rotor disk, as discribed in the picture I shared. Since we aren’t pushing air down, our engine has failed. It’s like a fan, if it stops and starts to fall it’ll still spin.

Trying to quote you but my phone isn’t allowing me. When we’re in an auto we are not producing lift, it’s like when a fixed wing they’re still flying but not able to climb. While in an auto we keep a certain Rotor RPM any slower we can descend to quickly and faster we can stall and tear the blades off. There’s a study I’ll share about this.

It’s potential energy when we land


nice interview @Xpira with Mr Stursy! I dont normally read these threads, however I always enjoy Mark’s posts on different subjects as well as passion for the rota-wing club!

Bravo Zulu.

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Mr Stursy is my father ;)
Thanks David! It’s so fun talking about rotors! I hope it educated some people!

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Will just have to keep call you ‘The Dude’ or ‘ His Dudeness’.


From now on I will like to be called “His Dudeness” LOL