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Hello and Welcome to the Answer Thread for @anon99845028! We’ve picked out 15 of the best questions you asked us to ask our interviewee.


-The IFCI team

Always be open to feedback! When you’re practicing your ATC skills, feedback is very important. You may get feedback from community members, fellow IFATC, etc. Feedback is your good tool to make progress.

It’s hard to find a method that’s gonna be beneficial for all trainees. Everyone is unique, so you have to assess their abilities and what’s best for them to learn during your first sessions. I call these kinds of sessions assessment sessions and they are important for me to make a plan for them while learning for ATC.

I can speak 3 languages: Chinese, French and English. Yes, a lot of people start to speak Chinese or French with him if they’ve checked my profile. I’ve taken quite a few Chinese trainees and talked to a few of them in Chinese while training. I’ve also dealt with several appeals for reports in French as well.

Living in Shanghai is probably the best decision I’ve made in my life. Life here is quite convenient. When I go out, I only take my phone with me. I don’t even need to grab my wallet or use cash anymore. I can just scan a QR code and pay for things. Shared bikes, takeaways, online shopping… Everything is just so convenient. And most importantly, the city is quite safe at night. I can go out at 3 AM and don’t have to worry about safety. I can talk to you about Shanghai all day long if you want haha. Feel free to send me a PM :)

My friend recommended Infinite Flight simulator to me and that’s just it! I instantly fell in love with the simulator and decided to try myself for IFATC.

I would prefer a quiet airport with arrivals every 5 mins these days. I used to control busy hubs a lot, and now it’s just not my thing. I still control them but not as often as I used to. I guess, it’s just the best to leave them for new IFATC to practice.

China Eastern Airlines. I love their liveries, a good variety of aircrafts in their fleets. Most imporantly, it’s an airline based in Shanghai and sometimes I can just speak Shanghai dialect with the flight attendents. It’s quite nice.

They’re the best! Nanxiang is the go to spot, for sure. Quite far away from the city center but if you really want to enjoy the best of it, that’s the place to go.

TNCM. Very interesting airport indeed. I don’t like controlling high terrain airports because they’re not my thing. TNCM has a pretty weird layout, and I like it.

It’s hard to define what’s “perfect” because there’s no absolute definition saying that whether the trainee is perfect or not. Like I said above, everyone is unique and you have to develop your own method that you’re comfortable with. We, as trainers, are here to offer guidance and put you on the right track. When you can handle radar patterns, inbounds and STAR arrivals well at the same time, I would say you’re ready for your practical test.

Purely because of fun. I enjoyed controlling on the training server, and the trolling is quite annoying on it, so I decided to put myself to the test of IFATC. And I made it at last :)

  1. No. You were a terrible trainee. Just kidding. You were one of the best :)
  2. I prefer training people for radar. It does cost a large amount of time and energy, comparing to training for tower. Radar is much more fun than tower, and there are a lot of techniques. I love seeing when trainees have developed their own techniques through the training process. It always makes me feel proud.

The IFVARB Summit this year. I was Houston Center and there was a lot of traffic. It was quite overwhelming!

Yeah, quite a few. The most important one is that everyone is unique and you don’t enforce them to control in your favor. Instead, you let trainees develop their own methods of controlling.

Diffcult, definitely not easy at all. For most people whose mother tongue is western language, it’s gonna be quite hard for you to change it to fit the Chinese language. I moved to China when I was 5 and I still spent a lot of tiime learning this language. If you’re 20 or older, it’s gonna be ultra hard for you to learn it. But, this is a quite interesting language with the largest population in the world speaking it. I feel quite proud to master this language.

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