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Hello and Welcome to the Answer Thread for @SunDown! We’ve picked out 15 of the best questions you asked us to ask our interviewee.


-The IFCI team

Q1. @Captain_Cign asked;
Your callsign, Sundown is really awesome, is there any real reason behind that?

That’s a Question I got many Times yet. Yes, there is a real Reason behind. It was my personal Callsign which I got during my Service in the Air Force. Also, some Top Gun Fans will remember that Mavericks Navigator was also SunDown.

Q2. @KGJT-9149 asked;
If you could have one plane/feature added to IF what would it be?

That’s a good Question. For a Plane, I really think the CSeries, or A220 Series, would be really cool.
Feature-wise I would probably go with Taxiway Lights, since I usually fly in real Timings, it would make night taxiing easier.

Q3. @anon38496261 asked;
What’s your favorite location in Infinite Flight as far as scenery goes?

There are many Places in Infinite Flight I really like, its hard to pick one Favourite. I really like Juneau, or the Alps. But also Fiji is awesome. but a place I could consider a Favourite is probably Queenstown in NZ. I really love the visual Approach into the Airport and the Scenery never gets old.

Q4. @infiniteflight_17 asked;
Hey Leah! In your opinion being around for a lot of Infinite Flight evolution, what do you think has been one of the most critical features or aspects added to the simulator itself and why?

Global for sure. Global changed everything. apart from that I think LNAV had a huge impact, making Longhaul flights possible without beeing at the Device all time. Also the addition of Live Cockpit defenitely made the Expirience more realistic. I personally rarely fly aircrafts without livecockpit anymore… I just love the Realism too much I guess.

Q5. @Choccymilk asked;
Being a transgender woman how has that effected your relationships on the ifc is it different to before your transition if you were on the ifc before it and is There any advice you’d give someone struggling with their own identity?

That’s a great Question. Well, I joined the Community way before I started my Transition. Laura made a huge impact on me with her coming out. Personally affected has my Coming out nothing here. The Friends I had stayed the same, only my Name really changed. But I was glad I had some really good friends around me. the IFAE Family was a really important part in that time. An Advice from me is, take your time. its OK. Its important to listen to yourself. And get Friends who support you. you dont have to go alone through this. If you need someone to talk to, feel free to shoot me a Message, I’m happy to help you :)

Q6. @Ecoops123 asked;
In the ‘testing’ world, would you say you enjoy finding and testing bugs, and would you say that you feel you’ve made a difference over time to the game, such as reporting things unseen, to give us the best experience in game. Do you feel that you’ve made that little ‘part’ of the game a little better, when you see something fixed in an update from your reports?

Yeah I defenitely enjoy Testing. I would be wrong in the Beta Team if I don’t. I personally dont make a Difference, its the Team as a whole who makes this Sim even better. We all work hand in hand to make sure every update Bug free as much as possible. I think many People don’t see the whole thing behind beeing Betatester. There is a lot more we do as just playing around with the Update early. Sometimes I really get sad while seeing some Comments on Social Media. To make a Difference we have to work hard behind the Scenes. Sometimes we find Bugs that affect the Sim in other Areas. Something getting fixed can happen to break another feature that worked perfectly fine until then. Testing is Fun, but it also can be frustrating at Points.
to answer the last part of this Question, of course, we defenitely help to make the Sim amd its features better. And trust me, we do not delay Updates on purpose… but it happens sometimes that we find something that can lead to an Delay. But I guess I can talk for all Testers, we really are happy when a new Update gets pushed so everyone can enjoy the new Features and stuff.

Q7. @Anshul28 asked;
Imagine you’ve just won a lottery and you have enough money to buy any type of aircraft that currently exists, from GA’s to Commercial to Military, what aircraft would you acquire and why?

Though Question. I would say a private 777 would be my Dream, as I love this Aircraft. But with thinking more about this Question I probably would get a Pilatus PC-24. Its for me a the best looking Business Jet, is able to operate almost on every airfield and has overall great Specs. also its a Swiss made Aircraft, so a Piece of Home, everywhere I would go haha.

Q8. @Balloonchaser asked;
Many people look up to you as a mentor or someone to go to when they are upset or feel down… Who do you look up to most on this community as your mentor?

Laura for sure has a good Impact on me, I’m glad to be able to have a Chat from time to time with her. but I don’t think I have a real Mentor here. However, I made some really great friends here. Friends that can trust on me with everything they come to me, and I can trust them aswell.
I just try to be helpful in any ways someone could need help. there’s nothing I would not talk about with someone… as I said in an Earlier Question, don’t hesistate to message me, I’m here for everyone :)

Q9. @CO99 asked;
Being active with IFAE, IFATC, Beta Testing and an awesome VA how do you like to unwind at the end of a no doubt busy week!?

You probably gonna laugh, but its IF haha. Yeah my Infinte Flight activity has become my biggest time consuming thing in my Life. with more than 1200hrs flown in the last 90Days I’m almost 24/7 in the Air. I like beeing involved here. Since I joined IF in 2012, it really has become a Part of my life. but to answer your Question in particular, to unwind from a busy week, I like to just go flying. When I really need some time to relax, I go for a GA flight on remote locations. Apart from the whole sim, I’m very into Nature. To calm down, I go for a walk in the Forrest, just go outside, breath some fresh air. I think that helps a lot.

Q10. @Captain_JR asked;
What’s the best place to visit in Switzerland and why?

thats a good Question, and not easy to answer.
Switzerland overall is cool, and everyone has its own Places where they like to be. for me, I love the Alps. Samedan is a nice place to be, you can visit it in IF, LSZS is the Airport :) one of my other Favourite Spots is, obviously, Zurich Airport. I’m not really a Spotter, but I enjoy beeing around Airplanes. having the Kerosene Smell in my Nose is where I feel home haha. but honestly, for me there are too many places in Switzerland I like to name just one the best. Come here, visit the Country and shoot me a message and I make sure we visit some cool places :)

Q11. @MJP_27 asked;
How did you discover Infinite Flight?

To be honest, I don’t know anymore… I think I just searched for a flight sim on mobile in 2012 and found IF… I played some days and forgot about it… after some weeks I saw some sponsored Advertisement for IF and redownloaded it. Allthough I didn’t took it serious at the beginning and got a lot of Vios, I think I loved IF from Day One haha.

Q12. @Nick_Wing asked;
Do you have any aspirations in aviation and if so, what are they?

Hmm for me Amelia Earharth is very inspiational. What she made, is just awesome… Also that she was the first female Pilot doing such things as flying over the Pond. Sad how she went from us… RIP Amelia.

Q13. @Chris_Hoss asked;
What made you love aviation?

Thats a really good Question actually. I can’t remember as a little Child, but I know that one Day I was with my Grandfather at Zurich Airport on the Observation Deck… This must have been 1996 or so, but I remember it like it was yesterday. we stand on the Observation Deck and right in front of me one of those Iconic Swissair MD-11’s. I love this Aircraft, and I waved at it… the Captain in the Cockpit must have seen me, because he opened his Window, and waved back. I think this was my very first moment, when I started to love Aviation. Also the smell of Jet-A1 is something I love… I just love Aviation.

Q14. @Captain_Cign asked;
I understand you are a part of IFAE,would you consider them some of your greatest friends on IFC?

Some of IFAE, absolutely. Beeing an IFAE Member opened many Doors for me and I’m thankful to be a Part since 2016. But I also have Friends from tge IFC or for example IFATC, as well as my Colleagues at SIVA. But IFAE defenitely changed me both as a Person aswell as a Pilot in IF, in a posituve way.

Q15. @dca.iad.aviation asked;
Long hauls or short hauls? (I often run into you on your longer flights). What do you enjoy most about the answer to the question above?

Both. yeah its true I mostly fly Long Hauls, but that is usually in the Evening and during Night. I don’t like doing Long Flights (more than 3-4hrs) during Daytime so I usually do some Short and Middle Range Flights and try to Longhaul every Night. Made it to over 1200hrs in the last 90 Days with this Method… okay, the Covid-19 Pandemic helps to be able to fly all day, As soon as I start working I can’t fly that much again.

Thanks for checking it out! If your question wasn’t answered, feel free to send a message to Leah and be sure to tune in for the next question thread. Bye!

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Amazing choice.


I totally don’t have over 1650+ in the last 90 days 😳

Average 18¾ hours a day lol

Thanks a bunch @SunDown, I believe you really do open people’s eyes to many things here! Also thanks for answering my question, beta is a hard leg but is always a great outcome in the end! 😄


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